Jared Leto and his band, 30 Seconds To Mars have unveiled, in the past few hours, a patriotic, hopeful and extremely grand ode to the USA and the optimism of a better future. ‘Walk On Water’ has a huge sound despite minimalist instrumentation considering it’s a creation by 30 Seconds To Mars and yet its sentiment is what stands out the most as they join the ranks of many other musicians that have took to the studio in an effort to unify the nation. Since Donald Trump took over as the President of the United States of America earlier this year, the world has been incredibly vocal and artist especially have been afforded a measure of subject matter not seen in a very long time.


Alongside tis new wealth of material for song writing comes the social responsibility felt by many to call to arms and speak individually to all Americans, so as to challenge them not to be sucked into a tornado of hate and not to conform to the ideologies of what the leaders of the free world now promote. As a British citizen it may not speak to me entirely but the sentiment is felt and whole heartedly agreed with. The music video features a colossal compilation of video footage taken all in one day, and wouldn’t you know it, that day is America’s independence day, July the 4th 2017. It’s strung together to create the image of a bright and hope filled world where America is unaffected by the current politically, racially and socially divided times. 

It appears that ‘Walk On Water’ is also the lead track from their upcoming fifth studio album, of which the name and release date are still unknown. Will the rest of the album feature a political edge just like this? Only time will tell, but in a world with so much chaos, fear and uncertainty, an album such as this could be just what the American people need.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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