Festival season has been in full swing for months and the summer has no doubt left a plethora of music fans with some memories and moments they’ll remember forever. With this said we are literally only a day away from one of the UK’s brightest new festivals as Lost Village Festival returns for its third year. Here at Mojo20 we love and favour Lost Village due to its locality, its unique freshness and the fact we’ve had the honour of being able to perform and get involved in not only last years event, but this year as well. We decided to get in touch and speak with one of our favourite DJ’s to grace the stage this year, The House of Good, as he makes his return to the woods for the third time. Even in its infancy The House of Good is becoming a Lost Village veteran and has also left his impact on numerous other high profile festivals and events throughout a career behind the decks that spans almost two decades. Check it out…


So this week, you’ll be returning to Lost Village Festival for the third year in a row. How you feeling?

Feeling great as the last couple of years have been magic, it has been a real pleasure to play here each year. The crowd and tribes that attend are so unique to this festival, I know of so many returning groups from far and wide that are returning to party in the woods again. It’s nice to see the festival receive so many accolades and grow into what it is today. Each year I’ve thought to myself ‘how are they going to top this line up next year?’ and then they go and not only top it but expand on the whole experience. It’s really down to all the preparation and detail that goes into this festival that separates it from everything else, I honestly think that this festival in this setting is one of the finest dance music festivals in the country and I’m honoured to be invited to play a small part in that again.

It was announced recently that Amazon Music would be hosting a huge opening night secret forest party headlined by Soulwax. We know you’re a huge advocate of Soulwax and even hosted a one night only Soulwax special recently. What do you think we can expect from this huge event?

Expect to be blown away, Soulwax are true pioneers and their current live setup is just phenomenal, I am so excited to get the opportunity to see them so close to home. When it was announced that Soulwax were to play and then that they were also going to do a 2 Many DJ’s set too, well it just doesn’t get any better. If you are to have an opening party then these guys are the perfect masters of ceremony, no one puts on a party on like the Dewaele brothers do. This will be one hell of an opening party and this is only the first night too, there are three more days to go after this!

Any bets on who the special secret guest DJ will be?

Erol of course! This is like a dream line up for me, my favourites all in one night is a bit too much to be honest. If I was to be asked to curate a dance music festival then this would pretty much be the one. People are going to look back at this year’s LVF and think ‘ Did that just happen?’, there is such a high calibre of many great artists and DJ’s playing this year.


Tell us more about the club nights The House Of Good is currently running?

Currently I run a couple of monthly nights where the focus is always on playing music not readily available in here in Lincoln. I pride myself on being an ambassador for independent music, because that’s where the magic happens – there are no rules. One of these nights, ABOVE BELOW, is coming up to it’s 5th anniversary, which is a huge milestone for a club night like this in our city as so many come and go. It has a loyal following and an eclectic music policy that spans electronic music, house, techno and indie dance. The night will occasionally focus on a particular genre or artists for special events, like the recent DFA Records party or the Soulwax Special we did to celebrate the the release of their new album and there are some more special events in the pipe line. Music throws up so many boundaries, people will have a passion for a particular sound which ultimately dictates where they go for a night out, so the idea behind my nights is to break down those boundaries a bit and have fun, music should only and always be about fun and not be so exclusive. I want to include as many people as possible and to share these sounds and the positive energy it creates.

When was The House Of Good originated, and when did you begin your foray into DJing?

I’ve been DJing since 1999, it was never my intention to become a DJ it just kind of happened. I’ve always been a passionate and an avid collector of music and got to know people with similar tastes and built many friendships around these shared passions for particular music. DJing was something I fell into accidentally by helping out some friends, they asked if I fancied doing a DJ set one night at their club night as we all liked the same music. It was a great night and I actually ended up playing for most of the night and had a full dance floor. I got a lot of positive feedback that night and afterwards I was hooked on it. I bought my own DJ equipment so I could practice, eventually people heard me and I got offered residencies and helped to run other club nights. I’ve cut my teeth as a resident DJ for many years at various venues over that time and I’ve been lucky enough to play alongside and support some of the biggest names in the industry that have come to the city. In all that time I never used a DJ name, so I became known as DJ Aron by promoters and venues. It wasn’t until maybe 2 years ago that I decided on using The House Of Good to represent what I do as a DJ, I wanted to have an impersonal name that only represented the music I play and this name made sense. I’ve built a monumental amount of good music through collecting it most of my life and it’s this music I bring with me when I DJ, hence the name.

What are your main musical influences, past and present?

I have such a wide taste in music and have always listened to as much music as I can. I’m interested in the history of music and how it all feeds into next thing, how the past directly influences the present shape of music. I wouldn’t say that I have influences as such, I just follow what turns me on and what I like the sound of. It’s an interesting time right now in music as there are many more small independent record labels than ever before. So I tend to follow record labels and music producers as much as I do particular artist or bands. I rarely read up on reviews of new music, someone else’s opinion about something that they have had no input in creating is pointless, so I would rather just make up my own opinion and check it out for myself by giving it a listen. Music is a personal journey of discovery that is always throwing up new surprises, there is no greater thrill for me than hearing my new favourite song whether it’s brand new or 40 years old, there is so much good stuff out there you only have to dig a bit deeper and just listen out for it.


We know you to be a connoisseur of both underground and independent music, but in 2017, what should we be listening to and what hidden gems might we have missed?

Well I’d say that you should come along and listen to some of my DJ sets in 2017 and beyond. In regards to what you might have missed this year I’d recommend checking out the awesome debut album by Kelly Lee Owens, I also like Tornado Wallace’s album ‘Lonely Planet’. I’m currently enjoying Red Axes’ new album ‘Beach Goths’ and looking forward to hearing the debut album from Bicep that will be coming out very soon. Also looking forward to hearing more output from Dark Circles, an electronic music duo from London who have another new EP coming out soon. I’ve been buying a lot of albums and EP’s this year from trips down to London and from a lot of small independent dance labels like Lobster Theremin, Let’s Go Swimming. I always really enjoy the output of music from Erol Alkan’s record label Phantasy Sound, there’s so much great music there from the likes of Daniel Avery, Ghost Culture, Cowboy Rhythmbox, James Welsh and Beyond The Wizard Sleeve. There’s a lot of good things coming out later this year on Phantasy and more into 2018. I’m a fan of DEEWEE too, the Dewaele brothers’ own record label that started a little over 2 years ago and has already released so much lovely electronic music in that time. I spend a lot of my time sourcing music and have my own methods for discovering it, I would just say follow what you like and do more research into it and not rely so much on Spotify and Apple to make these decisions with recommendations for you all the time. Sometimes it’s nice to have these tools to connect the dots and point you in the direction of something new, although I personally find that this usually diminishes the pleasure of discovery and makes music a bit too disposable.

We’ve seen that you’ve had a busy summer of DJ sets and appearances already, how’s it been?

It has been so much fun and a real pleasure. I’m at home DJing and playing to any size crowd but I can honestly say that playing great music and engaging with few thousand people all at once and to feel their energy coming back at you is truly a marvellous thing. It is always nice to play at festivals as it allows me to play music to a wider demographic and push some amazing sounds out there to give people what they came for which is as much of a good time as possible. I’m looking forward to my DJ sets over the weekend at Lost Village Festival as it will give me the opportunity dig deeper and play music with a different type of energy. I’ll be playing across various stages over the weekend with different size crowds so I’m not turning up with an agenda of what I’m going to play as so much depends on the playing the right track at the right moment, I’m just going to make sure I have everything I need with me to ensure I give everyone great excuse to dance.


What’s been your career highlight so far and with that in mind, what’s your main ambition under your current guise?

My career highlight is the fact that I’m doing this regularly and get to share my passion with other people. I’ve been doing this for close to 20 years and I have never chased anything, I’ve only ever done this for fun and I’m grateful that I’m able to do it and have built myself a solid reputation along the way. Sharing all this great music is a release for me, so when the festival season is over I’ll back in Lincoln trying to convince people to check out all of this amazing music which can be very taxing and difficult sometimes because of the type of place it is, but I see that as my job, to take people to other places sonically with music and escape the humdrum if only for a few hours each week. My ambition right now as The House Of Good is to just record and share more of my DJ mixes, I’ve never been a fan of self promotion as I find it all a bit weird, so I’d rather just let the music do the talking.


Aron Breen AKA The House of Good was talking to Stuart Green of Mojo20 (@mojo20_music)

You Can find The House of Good on Facebook, Instagram and his Soundcloud page for much more.

Also find more on Lost Village Festival at








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