On the opening night of Lost Village 2017, thousands and thousands of revellers gathered in the Lincolnshire countryside for a select few performances that’d guarantee the festival’s energetic beginning, and set the weekend into full swing. Not only was nobody disappointed but they did it in style as Amazon music presented a secret forest party featuring a headline performance by legendary Belgian electro/alternative outfit Soulwax. 

With the brand new Junkyard stage standing out as an aesthetically amazing hidden venue amongst the crowded festival, people continued to pour in to see what was going on and were first off, blown away by a dark and synthy DJ set by Erol Alkan, who had everyone dancing and only served to attract more and more people to the secluded corner of the woods that would soon be host to something truly special. As the Dewaele brothers and the rest of the band took to the stage they immediately drove headfirst into an hour long set that was chaotic but clean, enduring but effortless as they produced a masterclass in live electronic music. Featuring three different drummers on stage who’s connection and timing was unfathomable, they pounded away, one after another, delivering huge track after huge track with no pause, no break and no time to settle in. They powered through the entire hour without breaking a sweat showing off their incredible musicianship, expert instrumentation and above all else, dominant stage presence. With an electronic set up like something off the starship enterprise, they continued to astound and amaze as they manipulated sound, and along with it, the crowd. The woods at Lost Village came alive and many in attendance will no doubt ever forget the first night of Lost Village festival 2017.


A side note must be added as, not only did Soulwax deliver a memorable set at The Junkyard but then proceeded to move across the main stage, or The Burial Ground as it’s known and transformed into their alternate guise, 2manydjs to deliver another high octane DJ set full of huge bass driven beats and hidden gems, including a cameo by Arcade Fire’s ‘Everything Now’ which garnered an unreal response from the thousands in attendance. Two four figure crowds in one night across two stages? Pretty amazing work. Lost Village… welcome back.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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