Ok, so stop what you’re doing, Mojo20 has got something special for you, as we may just be introducing you to your new favourite band. It’s the morning after the second day at Lost Village festival and we’ve seen some sights and heard some sounds. As well as having the absolute honour of playing to an enthusiastic and gigantic crowd at The Bureau of Lost stage last night, we’re even managing to find some unique gems, hidden in away in the opposite corner of the woods, and here’s our favourite so far.


Last night at the Junkyard stage, Norwegian duo Smerz took to the stage and softly and without grandiose began a set that would wind its way through the realms of indie, electronica and even hip-hop. Henriette and Catharina both oozed equal amounts of cool and managed to pull it of so effortlessly. They somehow managed to project a colossal and dominant stage presence with minimal production and no over the top showmanship. They immediately grabbed my attention with their down tempo brand of electronica and held my focus the entire time as they performed brilliant track after brilliant track. Smerz showcased the music contained within recently released album ‘Okey’ and each song blew me away and left an indelible impression that made my first actions today, finding their album and listening to it in its entirety. Last night, I was enjoying them so much I almost didn’t head off to my own first set… and if I sit here listening to Smerz any longer, I’ll miss it today too. But what a privilege to have found my new favourite band only two days into Lost Village Festival 2017. Keep your ears and your mind open guys, you never know when your next favourite band is waiting for you, somewhere in the depths of the forest.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)




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