So, Lost Village festival 2017 has reached the morning of its final day (27th of August) and despite there being plenty still to come, some of the incredible things we’ve seen, heard and been lucky enough to be a part of over the past few days has made this year so unbelievably special and one it’s been one hell of a bank holiday weekend. After the previous three days I may feel a lot worse than Conor McGregor does today, but spirits are still high and we’re ready to finish this off in style. However, one of the highlight’s of the entire festival so far has to be the unbelievable three hour DJ set by Cheshire legend, and DJ pioneer, Mr Scruff. 


For three straight, solid hours, he pulverised the crowd with an eclectic, varied but knowledgeable cocktail of all his favourite jazz, soul and electro tracks, taking everybody on a journey that had a multitude of twists and turns, keeping us guessing, keeping us dancing and above all else, keeping it unreal. Andy Carthy AKA Mr Scruff has proven many a time that he’s one of the nicest men in music, but the most endearing quality is without a doubt his enthusiasm. He loves and trusts the music he plays, and carefully selects his favourites, putting all his faith into the track and passing on to the crowd like a gift. The smile on his face was persistent and only appeared to widen as the hours flew by, which has an infectious quality. Not only were the crowd having a great time, so was the man behind the music.

Mr Scruff’s set took place at The Junkyard stage, which was the setting for various other reviews we’ve done over this past weekend, proving that The Junkyard could well be Lost Village festival’s most important new hidden gem, tucked away in the woods in a surreal and aesthetically inspiring setting, this stage may well have stolen the show this year, or more likely the performers that have graced it with their presence. With another day still to go, who’ll be looking to seal the show next and what will The Junkyard have to offer next? Only one way to find out…


You can also find our 2013 interview with Mr Scruff right here.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)




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