So, as anyone who follows Mojo20 on our social media or has been keeping an eye on Mojo20.com over the weekend will know, we just came off of an incredible four days at Lost Village Festival in Lincolnshire, and as well as providing first hand reviews of some of our favourite artists, bands and DJ’s we also have to stop and take a look at the festival as a whole, to let you know, that even in only its third year running, this festival may be one of the most incredible large events in the country. With a whole persona, aesthetic and idea all of its own, Lost Village isn’t just a music festival, it’s an experience. An immersive experience at that in which you don’t just roll up to a field for a few days to see your favourite musicians play, but you step into another world entirely and as the name would suggest, become completely lost amongst that world. 


With the most incredible attention to detail, they alter everything you thought you knew and completely reset the rules of what it is to attend an event like this. With the entire festival site being transformed and decorated with enticing gimmicks and subtle props, your eyes are working overtime as you soak in your new, unique and surreal surroundings. As well as the physical decoration of the site, the actors and performers that tirelessly play their part throughout the festival, never breaking character, only continue to bend your mind, keep you entertained and lose yourself more. The main event to the visuals came on Sunday night with one of the most elaborate and awe inspiring fireworks displays I’ve ever witnessed. The display, like everything else was carried out with the greatest of theatrics and everybody joined together to celebrate this community experience and show gratitude and appreciation for the efforts made by everyone involved in its organisation. The festival steals your heart and captures your soul and leaves you forever, a little bit lost.

Of course all of the aforementioned is before we even consider the music, and of course, as immersed as you become in this new world, the immersion into constant sound of all descriptions is just as important. Now I don’t mind it being said that I’m not the biggest house fan and it was certainly helpful at times to have friends and colleagues explain why a particular DJ was well worth seeing, and it would appear that everyone on that line up had very good reason to be there, however it was the enthusiasm of the crowds that made the magic happen as thousands and thousands would gather at any given stage, always ready to dance, always ready to support and always with a free and open mind. We saw heroes of mine such as Craig Charles, Soulwax and Mr Scruff, discovered artists we barely knew like Bicep, Smerz, Nightmares On Wax and Erol Alkan, plus above all else, also got to feature on that line up as Mojo20 took their regular place amongst the Back To Mono collective and played a string of sets across the weekend at the Bureau of Lost stage. Amongst these DJ sets came some of my personally, most gratifying moments of all time including a Friday night set to hundreds of people that stands out as one of my favourite sets I’ve ever done. 


On top of great food, great company, insightful talks, brilliant comedy, incredible weather for a UK bank holiday and many other attributes that made this weekend so wonderful, the knowledge that this whole project is still relatively still an infant, we can’t help but wonder what the years will bring for Lost Village festival, and we’ll be watching year after year to see where it goes. To all of you there, we hope you enjoyed it as much as us, and will no doubt see you again next year.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)




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