So we waited for it, patiently, anticipating its arrival. We then got it, and we loved it and it continues to give and give. When Stone Sour returned with brand new album ‘Hydrograd’ released through Roadrunner records, we knew the wait had been worth it as they unveiled a masterpiece of tremendously heavy metal and catchy, hooky alt-rock that covered all bases and pleased all audiences. From casual rock fans to die hard metal heads, the album came with something for everyone and we reviewed it favourably as soon as it was available to the market.

Today though, one of the stand out tracks from the album, ‘Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I), was released alongside an accompanying music video, and we mentioned it back on release of the album as this particular track stood out massively from the rest. With a slightly less snarling aura about, sounding like a combination of punk and glam rock, it leaves a little of the snarl behind and the musicianship has a melody unlike anything Stone Sour have released before. It’s lighter, more fun, more casual but featuring a grandeur that keeps it exciting and fresh. Screaming guitar licks, bellowing vocals from Corey Taylor and one hell of a catchy ass chorus. Even the title of the song lets you know early on that this is going to be somewhat more light hearted than you may have expected to hear when first discovering the album. 

The video features a dingy strip club filled with women, these women go on to make up the crowd in attendance whilst the band are the entertainment. The image of Stone Sour dressed in skimpy outfits, swinging around a pole and  with a full face of makeup may be an image I’ll struggle to remove from memory but it’s so much fun and suits the tone of the track brilliantly. As we’ve mentioned, the album and the single are just so much fun and the band have no problem poking fun at themselves and having a good time. Check it out guys, it’s the perfect hump day treat…

Find our interview from last year with frontman Corey Taylor right here

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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