Big news for fans of politically charged and socially observant music, as everyone’s favourite indie pioneering hero, former frontman and vocalist of The Smiths, Morrissey has returned with brand new material today and after being unveiled to the world this morning, ‘Spent The Day In Bed’ has certainly got people talking. 

Not a stranger to being an outspoken social commentator, Morrissey takes jabs at the media and the commercial world, or as many have always referred to it, the rat race. It’s a somewhat upbeat track within its musical essence, featuring hoppy and frantic organ notes and vocal flow that draws you to believe the lyrical content might be of a more positive nature to what Morrissey will normally deliver but actually on inspection of the lyrics, it’s a celebration of turning his back on the world around him/us, and advocating we all follow suit as we dodge the oppression and routine of day to day working life, and bringing our heads above water when it comes to the endlessly dark and terrifying nature of the world media coverage. It’s a subject that means more now than ever as reports fly in almost every minute, detailing possible wars, political controversy, murder, poverty and all else. Especially with the ever growing presence of social media, this constant terror is more accessible than ever and I have to agree with all the sentiments Mozza puts forth on this new track. 

The content of the track is as wise and relevant as his music always has been, but is it actually any good. Does a track that hold such substance get a free pass as a great release? Does it hold good things for his forthcoming album ‘Low In High School’? Well, I don’t believe any music gets a free pass, no matter the content and on first listen, I wasn’t convinced. On second listen I found myself enjoying it more and finding a little more melody in it than I’d noticed the first time, realising layers that I’d perhaps missed the first time. On third listen (in a row) I’m sold. It’s a great track, featuring all those Morrissey elements that you’d hope and expect to find and without realising it initially, it’s as catchy as hell. Plus the idea of giving the world the cold shoulder just sounds so good. However, I must point out the irony of whilst turning his back on media, he also joined Twitter recently… it’s a funny old world.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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