It’s a shame nowadays that more bad news, or at least saddening news comes from the world of good music, while commercial darlings continue to dominate the radio waves and the charts, talented, skilled bands and musicians are taking the time to step away from the music world and pursue other things, leaving fans feeling flat and disappointed. With The Maccabees calling it quits a few months ago and Moderat announcing their disbanding recently, Wild Beasts have now announced a handful of farewell dates as they embark onto other projects and leave it all behind them.


However, they’ve not left us empty handed and bewildered as they announce an upcoming EP and have released a brand new track under the same name, ‘Punk Drunk & Trembling’. The synth pop four piece will cap off a career spanning 15 years already, in 2018, but before they go they’ve left us a beautifully emotional track that holds all the electronic indie power they’ve displayed since their first self titled album dropped in 2004. Perhaps through ears that are listening out for recognition of the split, the track appears to hold the sentiment of the break up as they repeat “what’s done is done“. It’s subtle yet catchy and expands in power towards the latter half of the almost four minute song, showcasing slick guitars, dreamy synths and a frantic beats. Head to YouTube as fans pour into the comments with tributes and sadness as they come to terms with the break up, but more importantly check out the track and enjoy. The EP is set for release on October 30th and will be a must have addition to any fans collection as they cap off their discography with their fifth and final EP, sitting alongside five incredible LP’s. Thanks Wild Beasts, you’ve been amazing.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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