That’s right, you read the headline correctly. It’s not some sort of crazy typo, or click bait nonsense, it’s the truth in perfectly typical 2017 fashion. The current leader of the Labour party openly supporting London based alt rock outfit, Wolf Alice as their second album ‘Visions Of A Life’ enters the UK top 40 chart tomorrow. The album stands out as a strong contender for the number one spot regardless, just on level of quality alone, but now that the man who could well have been Prime minister (in a perfect world) has cast his shadow of support, the stakes may have just been raised. 

Fighting off opposition from country music mega star Shania Twain, it seems like a fairly direct route to the top, but you’d be surprised how close this race could be, with reports of less than 1500 sales between the two albums at this time. It’s also during a period of time where Wolf Alice are quickly solidifying themselves as one of the greatest bands on the planet and with two fantastic albums out already and a feature film being created and released by film maker Michael Winterbottom, following them and their lives on tour, called ‘On The Road’. So, Mr Corbyn’s endorsement came at just the right time and although you may be wondering “why the hell is Jeremy Corbyn all of a sudden such a fan of Wolf Alice”, the answer is simply, that he’s returning a favour of support. Earlier in the year, as the snap election approached, Wolf Alice and especially lead singer Ellie Roswell was a massive labour supporter, urging fans and voters to aim for the left and welcome in a brighter, fairer Britain. This hasn’t been unnoticed nor forgotten and this returned support shows us an even deeper insight into just what kind of man Jeremy Corbyn is. Real, appreciative and incredibly down to earth. Can I Imagine him sat in his office with ‘Yuk Foo’ playing on the stereo? No not really. Nor can I quite visualise him on the tube into work, mouthing all the words to ‘Beautifully Unconventional’. Also a no, but backing is backing and if you’re going to have any important figure in the UK have your back, let it be Jeremy Corbyn.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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