I know it might be a little bit self indulgent but hey, one of the greatest things about music is that it’s subjective for all of us, and so why not share your opinion, right? That’s what our Throwback Thursday feature is all about here at Mojo20.com, we get the chance to celebrate a great record, years after it’s release. This week is an important one as well, as we take a look back, just five years to the release of the second album by one of the greatest modern bands around, Tame Impala. ‘Lonerism’ was released exactly five years to the day, on the 5th of October 2012, and still sounds as incredible now as it did then. 

‘Lonerism’ as it stands is the middle child in the discography of Australian five piece Tame Impala and for me it heralds the resurgence of really good psychedelic rock. Perhaps in it’s healthiest looking form since the 1960’s, Tame Impala took samples, ambience and synthesisers and blended them together to produce a rollercoaster ride of an LP, ranging from the frantically tweaked to the endlessly melodic. It introduced us to some of their biggest hits as well as featuring album track gems, and despite since 2012, they’ve released the show stopping third album ‘Currents’ and Kevin Parker has gone on to become a world renowned producer and right hand man for Mark Ronson, this album holds so much charm and excitement, as rock and roll became so much more interesting than it had been for years. Anybody with an ounce of credibility will have torn a dance floor to pieces, stomping aggressively to ‘Elephant’ and if you haven’t previously enjoyed ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ then you are missing out. In fact, as Tame Impala’s popularity has grown over the past few years, we’ve seen a notable list of other artists cite them as favourites of theirs, including Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner, who performed this incredible cover of the track on Triple J’s ‘Like A Version’ show.

As well as the single releases, you can’t ignore the intro track ‘Be Above It’ as it throws the album into a full force kick off, that doesn’t disappoint on it’s statement that business has picked up. ‘Mind Mischief’ features sexy guitar licks whilst ‘Keep On Lying’ is instantly catchy and has you singing along after only a few listens. ‘Led Zeppelin’ has fuzzy and gritty guitar riffs and hammering drums as they pull off an incredible, original Led Zeppelin impression, creating magic at the same time, as the synth heavy, space age odyssey that is ‘She Just Won’t Believe Me’ captures and resets your attention on a whole new scale, setting you up for the latter tracks on the record. The album has it all and more, gliding effortlessly between styles and approaches. The vocal style is unique, the attention to experimentation and production is inspiring and all together, the record stands as one hell of a piece of work. The best part about these reviews being retrospective is that we know, that this wasn’t a fluke either…

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)




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