It’s been a couple of weeks now, but we’ve got to acknowledge a loss that we haven’t mentioned already. This piece may well only work locally and be aimed at a handful of you, but still, the point remains relevant, poignant and personally close to Mojo20. Lincoln lost a large part of it’s personality and nightlife structure when Kind bar closed its doors recently, and for anyone that follows us, you’ll know we’ve spent plenty of time behind the decks at Kind bar as it continuously celebrated and supported the more substantial and alternative side to your weekends, offering a less commercial and more credible feel to your Friday and Saturday nights. Colleagues, cohorts and friends such as Back To Mono’s Jim Sonic, The House of Good and Jack Drake have also filled that space on the stage over the years and between us we have been given the freedom to make a night exactly what we wanted to create. Kind gave us all the opportunity to play new tracks, experiment with mixes and expand our skill sets before taking them to our respective club nights, festival sets or otherwise. As well as musically, it was at the forefront of Lincoln’s bar culture, bridging that gap between local pubs either in the west end, the city centre or the Bailgate and the clubs and venues where everyone would finish their night out. It was that perfect in between and always acted as a melting pot for town, blending people of all styles and tastes, and having them all leave as happy as each other. The geographical position made them the king of the high street and the combination of friendly and talented bar staff, alongside the forward thinking cocktail menu and selection of ales and beers gave it a unique and wonderful place to be. Not only were the casual passers through impressed by Kind, but it became a home for many local faces that frequented the place and often used it as a consistent meeting place and base for operations. 

It was no secret that a refurbishment was required and on the way, but we were all shocked to hear that the refurbishment would be a lot more definite as the doors closed permanently, making way for something else entirely. What this is? Who knows, but we’ll be watching and expecting these massive shoes to be filled correctly. Until then however, Thanks to Kind bar and all the staff, management, door staff, DJ’s and especially and from our perspective most importantly, the incredible customers we played for and made friends out of over the years. Kind, you’ll be missed.



Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)




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