There’s been one story in music news this week that has everybody talking and is stealing the spotlight from all other aspects of the music world. Whilst Shania Twain sits atop the album charts and we continue to argue over which One Direction members solo career is better (we’re not doing that at all), a glimmer of hope emerges from the darkness and announces that they’re back, as The Streets have announced they are returning from their retirement, and heading out on the road for a handful of tour dates. It was in 2011 that Mike Skinner and the band decided to call it quits, leaving behind a discography beloved by many and a legacy as one of the best UK garage acts of all time. But almost out of nowhere, they have announced, subtly, that the band is getting back together to “…sing the old songs” as it was put on the Instagram post that caused all this, and it’ll be April 2018 when they embark on this tour which marks their first live dates since their farewell tour. 

The dates are as follows:

19th of April 2018 – O2 Academy / Birmingham, England

20th of April 2018 – O2 Academy / Glasgow, Scotland

21st of April 2018 – O2 Apollo / Manchester, England

23rd of April 2018 – O2 Academy / Leeds, England

25th of April 2018 – Brixton O2 / London, England

26th of April 2018 – Brixton O2 / London, England


A small handful of dates but a huge and impactful announcement, especially for fans of The Streets, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing them perform live before, you’ll know as well as we do that this is going to be one hell of a tour. Welcome back, The Streets.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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