It’s unbelievable to think that the same sentiment needs repeating, but it would appear it does. It doesn’t feel like two minutes since we last reported on an altercation like this and what renders this story even more incredible is the fact that it’s the same student night, at the same venue and in the same city. Weekly Lincoln student night, Quack, had been promoting for weeks, spreading the word of their live performance booking for Wednesday the 11th of October and it sold tickets incredibly fast. Surprised? Absolutely not, as the performers in question were Irish duo and 2009 X Factor contestants Jedward. However, despite the tickets selling quickly and the venue being packed, the reaction to the performance did not reflect the same enthusiasm or respect projected by the ticket sales, as the fans in attendance began to throw bottles at the stage and also, at the performers. We reported previously how Atomic Kitten had received this same treatment when they performed at Quack and here at, we disgustfully condemned the actions of the crowd and made our pleas for respect of a performer, consideration for the rest of the crowd and a suitable level of common sense to be employed when students leave the house. It would appear these pleas fell on death ears and the same statements need making again. However, I do believe there’s more at play here also. 

Now, should any performer have things thrown at them whilst on stage plying their craft, trying to make an honest few quid? Absolutely not. Should that level of barbarism and stupidity be tolerated in any circumstance? Absolutely not. Does this raise a few questions about the level of performers that are being booked? Yes, I’d also agree with that statement. I mean, it needs to be made clear, that nobody was injured in this ordeal but they might well have been and it’s not physical harm that makes up this entire issue. BUT, as Lincoln continues to enthusiastically promote the appearances of Z list celebrities and embarks on pathetic attempts to coerce the young and bewildered into a room to watch the failing and the talentless perform live, is this not part of the problem? Nobody would have been at home prior to the gig, listening to Jedward’s entire critically acclaimed back catalogue, reading their respective biographies and revisiting YouTube clips from when they won multiple awards at the Grammy’s. It doesn’t excuse the actions of the crowd but if you stick hundreds of drunk and boisterous 18 year olds in a room with two notoriously annoying twats, while they hammer through a few cover songs like some sort of karaoke marathon, there may well be certain results. Same goes for Atomic Kitten when they endured the same. It was two thirds of the trio anyway and they’d not done anything musically notable for around 15 years. Plus they’re shit.

Again, we condemn the actions of the audience members that threw anything on or near the stage, but as we wander around the city of Lincoln, reading about how Akon is visiting one bar, and Whigfield (the one who did Saturday night) is performing her nineties hit single in another, maybe it’s time to have a think about booking cheesy, over the hill, never was good, never will be good, crap and stop patronising your customers and the students at the university of Lincoln. Just a thought. The SU has apologised and are investigating the events.


Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



  1. John and Edward have done numerous student PA’s and festivals. They have been all good natured affairs with them leaving the crowd impressed, especially by their self written and produced tracks.
    Never have they been met with this disgraceful behaviour!

    • Glad to hear it. Although I’m quite sure this isn’t an isolated event. In fact YouTube alone testifies to other occurrences. However, this is no way means it is their fault. The behaviour is ridiculous

  2. Whether you think they are annoying twats or not, it’s unfair to accuse them of “hammering through a few cover songs”. They have written and produced a lot of their own songs, and again whether you like the songs or not, the comment does them an injustice.

    • Perhaps so, but in all videos I’ve seen of the occasion they performed Olly Murs covers and other tracks they performed on X Factor in 2009. The report surrounds the incident, which was awful and condemnable. My opinion or taste for Jedward as an “act” is another point entirely.

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