On the 27th of October 2012, a brand new monthly club night was born. It’s intention was to be a night with no compromises, to focus on the music, the atmosphere and the unwavering credibility of the elements specific to the genre. The idea was to keep flying the flag for good music, music that had some grit, music that was crafted with emotion and talent, music that was fun and had the ability to provoke something in you to forget all your troubles and make the weekend exactly what you wanted it to be. No gimmicks, no novelty, no cheese and no exceptions. Transmission Indie night

When the mid 2000’s pushed indie music back into the forefront, it gave birth to a hall of fame class of bands, and stamped its mark with a collection of tracks, and even albums, that are globally adored and known by all. Along with this came a massive interest in indie based club nights and a plethora of live gigs were on hand at any given time, on any given weekend. It was common for us growing up to be found at different nights on both Friday and Saturday as we partied with crowds holding the same tastes and values, waiting to hear that huge new track, and dancing to those well known classics too. They were good times and it always felt like it was designed specifically for us. However, guitar music began to disappear from the forefront of popular music and indie took a backseat with it. The bands aren’t as prominent and the tracks don’t garner such success as they did ten years ago. The Indie nights slowly disappeared and nightlife became stale and dull. Despite this, in 2012, Mojo20 set out to recreate and reignite what was quickly disappearing, and we did so just in time as a new wave of artists and bands shot to the forefront of the genre and alongside those well established modern classics we had everything we needed to begin to stoke the fire, just as it appeared to be out. There are some incredibly talented bands making waves right now, and this constant flow of new music has kept Transmission vital and interesting. It’s been nothing short of a pleasure, celebrating these bands and artists, and doing it with a consistent focus on never swerving off track. As some of the staples in the indie music scene have and continue to water themselves down, and corporate nightlife continues to ignore and shun rock n roll, Mojo20 remain on hand to give you something with more dirt, grit, honesty and substance. 

Transmission has travelled now between four different venues and seen thousands and thousands of people during its time. We’ve transformed it on two different occasions and held two different charity nights based on raising money for Cancer research and with everybody’s support, raised an amazing amount of money both times. The music has evolved and we’ve become synonymous with a variety of different bands and artists, and we’ll continue to showcase the freshest and the greatest. We’re incredibly proud to be entering the fifth year of Transmission indie night and will certainly be looking forward to another five years as we continue to provide good music and good times.

Don’t miss this months edition of Transmission Indie night at Red Five, Lincoln. This Saturday from 10.30pm.


Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)





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