With tonight being the fifth anniversary edition of Transmission indie night, as we reported earlier in the week, we’re looking forward to playing four and a half straight hours of indie bangers from all ages. But we’ve also stopped and taken the time to look back over the past five years and pick out a top 10 of the most definitive and important tracks Transmission has been responsible for playing, exposing and celebrating. Sometimes a track comes along that instantly becomes classic and immediately renders itself essential to the nights proceedings, as without it, there’d be a piece of the puzzle missing. Let’s take a look:

The Strokes – Under cover Of Darkness (from Angles) 2011

No indie night could even get started without playing copious amounts of The Strokes, but after being released the year before Transmission’s birth, the entirety of The Strokes fourth studio album became big hits with us and the crowds, but the lead single in particular stood almost as the theme tune to Transmission indie night for some time.

Spector – Chevy Thunder (from Enjoy It While It Lasts) 2012

We called it the album of the year back in 2012 and after seeing them perform live at Leeds Festival that year, we couldn’t wait to get back and obliterate crowds with that high octane rock n roll and introduce everybody to Fred Macpherson’s incredible song writing and vocal talent.

Modest Mouse – Dashboard (from We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank) 2007

Whilst ‘Float On’ has been an indie night standard since long before we even stood behind a pair of CD-J’s, it was ‘Dashboard’ that we planned into the set list as soon as Transmission began as it is impossible to not dance to, to sing along with and to have a damn good time whilst it’s playing.

Haim – Forever (from Forever EP) 2012

Notice that I didn’t credit the album in the info? Well it was long into 2013 when Haim finally dropped ‘Days Are Gone’ but we’d been on the Haim train for a long time before that. Any fans of Mojo20 will know we’ve been long time supporters but how could you not be with such an amazing debut track?

Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine (from AM) 2013

Not many tracks have been released with a buzz like this one. Released early for Record store day, it was a long time before the album would follow, but I’ll never forget the excitement and hype when it dropped and having to make sure I could debut it at Transmission. Unfortunately another club night got there first and played it to a packed crowd. Their recording was poor and the CD skipped and I was so happy (sorry).

The Maccabees – Pelican (from Given To The Wild) 2012

Same story as ‘R U Mine’ in that it dropped on the Friday and by the very next night at Transmission we had the honour of playing it while it was still brand new ad shiny. The track still has so much impact and starts without apology and in full force. It never fails to grab everyone’s attention.

Tame Impala – Elephant (from Lonerism) 2012

We recently did a retrospective review of this classic album, and ‘Elephant’ as the lead track has had a big impact on more than one occasion. No more so than the time we featured Kevin Parker on the promotional poster for that months Transmission indie night. The posters often feature images of music based icons and it adds a little aesthetic explanation as to what the night might offer, but this one drew such a great crowd of devout Tame Impala fans, who relentlessly requested their entire back catalogue. The highlight of the night was when we dropped ‘Elephant’ as the room exploded and a near on mosh pit ensued.

Bastille – Good Grief (from Wild World) 2016

When we rebranded and freshened up Transmissions image and set lists last year, one of the obvious ideas was to encapsulate this new wave of indie rock n roll bands. Bands that don’t immediately jump to mind when considering the genre but have continued to fly the flag as far as bold, fun rock n roll music. With company such as Catfish & The Bottlemen, Blossoms, Circa Waves and Glass Animals, indie looks very different but very healthy, and therefore Transmission celebrates it.

Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man (from Sigh No More) 2009

Not one we’ve played for years, but I have to include it as it stuck around for such a long time and if for no other reason, the fact that somebody actually, openly told me one night that when they think of this song, they think of Mojo20 and Transmission indie night. Maybe it doesn’t get played anymore, but it’ll always hold a special place in our hearts.

White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (from Elephant) 2003

Well it’s no secret that since 2003 this track has been an anthem for many and all occasions, whether it’s in politics (Jeremy Corbyn) or football/sports but it is obviously synonymous with music, and more specifically rock n roll. With that in mind it has been used and played constantly at Transmission indie night and it never, ever fails to provide a good time, An instant dance floor filler and especially important now the crowd participation element has become a factor.

With another five years and more in front of us, who knows what other modern classics and unwritten tracks will become the cornerstones of Transmission indie night. There’s only one way to find out and that’s to be there and the next five years begins tonight! See you there.


Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)





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