So it’s 2Q eve here in Lincoln and the excitement levels are rising as we get as close as close gets to our humble city being transformed into a multi venue music festival. The inner city festival concept will see nine different venues being taken over and turned into stages as 81 different acts perform live for your pleasure. Have you got a ticket yet? Well let’s just assume you have, and if not, well, we’ll get to that. Anyway, here’s a few bits you need to know about 2Q festival, Lincoln 2017:

The Venues

There are nine venues in total and its a veritable who’s who of Lincoln and a roll call of some of the city’s greatest spots. From nightclub juggernauts to independent bars, from the quaintest coffee shops to the most infamous of record stores, they’re all involved and all got something special to offer. One thing to note is that Kind will not be taking part (read this to find out more) but has actually been re-designated to The Swan on the University campus. The Swan is one of the coolest student hot spots and is sure to be the perfect venue, so make sure you pay a visit.


The Line Up

The line up for this festival has been carefully put together by a team of incredibly clever music lovers. You’ll know a lot of the names and some of them you won’t but if you’re smart, you’ll go exploring and find your new favourite band, possibly at your new favourite venue. The headliners include Circa Waves, Peace, Trampolene, Tom Grennan and more, but the undercard is even more impressive. Make the most of your day and see as much as you can.


Not Just Bands

As we said, there’s some unreal bands and artists performing, and some great venues in which to do their thing, but don’t forget, you can come check out the stock at both of the Back to Mono record shops on Guildhall street. Between 2pm and 4.30pm you can catch a DJ set by some of Lincoln’s brightest names, before handing it over to some great local talent. So why not come and see yours truly perform an impromptu record store Transmission set, or even The House of Good as he blends his different flavours before doing the same at Above Below later the same night? Just a thought.


Last Minute Tickets

If you’re one of them absolute bananas that hasn’t got a ticket yet and is reading this thinking “ah what, wish I was going” then you’ll be pleased to hear there are still a small handful of tickets left and by following this link so go and get them…


The Boring Stuff

If you’re an absolute dafty and haven’t got a ticket yet, or if there’s any little questions you have before tomorrow, take a quick look at this. The clues in the name but it could also be considered the helpful stuff.


Other than that, you’re about good to go. So we look forward to bumping into you tomorrow as we all celebrate the arrival of Lincolnshire’s hottest new commodity, 2Q festival.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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