So if you’ve been anywhere near Mojo20’s social media over the past couple of hours… days… weeks…. well maybe months, then you’ll know that today was an extremely special day for our home town, Lincoln city, as 2Q Festival finally struck. After months of planning and anticipation, the day has ultimately come and gone, and what a day it was. As multiple venues were taken over by a line up of bands and artists that read like a future rock n roll hall of fame class, we revelled in the excitement and revelry that 2Q had gathered, just as everyone else was. All nine venues involved gave something different and wonderful to the festival, and each act, artist, band or collective on the bill made their mark and asserted their presence. However, perhaps no more present, were any other band than the mighty, and the permanently impressive Jaws.



Jaws will always hold a very special place in Mojo20’s heart as we were present for their beginnings and inception. Since the moment we heard ‘Toucan Surf’ we were in love and actually interviewed them in their earlier days. Since then, they’ve continued to evolve and master their art, consistently releasing music that overshadows their previous efforts, despite their previous efforts being of a higher calibre than most could ever dream. As they took to the stage at Home nightclub, the festival crowd was not only present but it was well and truly stacked, as they were packed into the room and all awaiting the appearance of Jaws. Not a single inch of floor space could be seen from the balcony above, and at first I thought “Oh well, as Lincoln’s most corporate and well promoted venue, this seems right” until I saw, that everybody was dancing, and everybody was singing and everybody knew each and every word of each and every song that Jaws performed. This tiny little band that held so much charm and promise five years ago, was now an indie rock juggernaut, worthy of festival headlining slots and number one albums. This band now had a fan base of hundreds strong that knew every word and would sing along with them, and it was beautiful.

My smile only grew as they hammered through ‘Right In Front Of Me’ and then as their final song, ‘Gold’. On their final song, the mosh pit that had been healthily sustaining itself, finally evolved into a fully fledged circle pit and the crowd in attendance dived headfirst into all new manners of wild. Again, for a song we’ve been in love with for years to receive this reception and response was a treat, and to see such an adoring and attentive crowd was nothing short of inspiring. This band was and still is the future of music in the UK, and it would appear that everybody is realising that. Its nothing short of deserved as well. Jaws, you’ve got the whole world in your hands guys. Go get it, it’s waiting for you.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)




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