It’s been a couple of days since the widely successful 2Q festival in Lincoln this past weekend, and as you’ll know from our reviews of sets by Circa Waves and JAWS, Mojo20 were on hand to soak in as much music and atmosphere as was humanly possible. The band we’re here to talk about now was also performing at 2Q festival and… well, it’s taken a few days to get over the experience. 

We’ve mentioned Life a handful of times before here on and the more eagle eyed of you out their in internet land may know that we’ve previously interviewed Life, we were very quick to positively review their debut album ‘Popular Music’ which was released earlier this year, and we may well have mentioned previous performances of theirs in other gig reviews and articles. However, take my advice on this, forget all of that, whatever you think you know about Life, you don’t. This animal is something completely different to anything we’ve seen before. 

The top floor room of the venue was packed from wall to wall with fans as they prepared themselves, much more than we clearly had, for what was about to ensue. Within moments a punk rock tirade was unleashed on the audience and with an aggression and a venom that you’d never normally expect to see partnered with such intelligence, such intention and with such a clear and very obvious wit, they took us on a ride that was at times political, at times very honest, at times rather humorous but consistently loud throughout. Their musical and instrumental proficiency was evident and their precision and band continuity was as tight as it gets, telling the story that they’d spent the most part of this year touring Europe. This wasn’t Life’s first BBQ by any stretch of the imagination. They hammered through tracks, all familiar from their brilliant debut album and the crowd responded with the same recognition of familiarity that we had. ‘Euromillions’, ‘Popular Music’ and ‘It’s In Your Hands’ overwhelmed everyone in attendance and with a presence and performance that was an endearing as it was intimidating, it felt as though we were witnessing the birth of some sort of Sex Pistols/Joy Division love child that had come to continue the work of their collective parents.

When all was said and done, our hearing was significantly damaged and our minds enlightened but more importantly than anything, we’d not just seen a band play in the middle of a random Saturday in Lincoln. We’d experienced LIFE.

Words by Stuart Green (mojo20_music)

Photography by Steven Haddock (Twitter: @stevenhaddock FB: @StevenHaddockPhoto)


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