It sometimes really doesn’t seem fair to even associate a particular artist with one song.

When it comes to Australian singer songwriter Vance Joy, it’d be so easy to say something dumb like “Christ, I thought he disappeared after Riptide”, and ok you’d have a point that the name Vance Joy has been scarce since he released one of the hottest tracks of 2013, with his beautiful yet catchy debut, ‘Riptide’, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been hard at work, and it doesn’t mean he hasn’t been successful. His debut single release may have received a hell of a lot of attention and exposure and I think that was purely testament to how incredible the song really was/is, however that was very early in his career and it’d be another year before he’d release his debut album ‘Dream Your Life Away’. I’d attribute the gap between initial break out and release of his debut album to be the reason why his name may have faded from the lips of the radio DJ’s and the casual music fans. It was what happened to Azealia Banks… although she still hasn’t released anything since ‘212’ which was five and a half years ago… or has she, I lost interest. Anyway, not to say that VJ is anything like Azealia Banks, but the point is that Vance Joy is BACK, and with a fabulous, gorgeous new tune entitled ‘Like Gold’.

‘Like Gold’ is a wonderful acoustic number that holds as much fun as it does depth. From a distance it seems like a naïve and playful track that reminds me of other great artists and bands like Noah & The Whale and Jay Jay Pistolet, (who if you don’t know, is Justin Young from The Vaccines’ solo efforts, if you’ve never heard him solo, do yourself a favour) to nae a few, but the lyrics suggest a wisdom and retrospective that disprove any ideas of it being a tale of young love. The use of percussion make it sound so large and so grand despite the minimal guitar track. It’s a genius piece of music in terms of the effect it has emotionally. It’s low key and down tempo but so much fun to listen to and the use of the cymbals add an excitement you may not expect. Also, harking back to not having ears on him for a few years now, his vocal style appears to be very different from what I’d heard before, but still holds so much beauty, and his delivery is also incredibly impressive as he spits out lyrics at a mixture of different tempos throughout. 

It has to be said that Vance Joy is one of the most talented musicians on the planet and whether he’s granted the exposure he was afforded before, whether this new track has the same success as he had four years ago, it really doesn’t matter, he certainly deserves it but it won’t be the making of him. Vance Joy has the talent and the insight to be hugely successful, but far above that, he deserves the recognition as one of the best today.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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