With Sunday evenings all unanimously belonging to Sir David Attenborough’s astounding Blue Planet 2 series, every man and his dolphin has become a marine biologist in training, and rightfully so. The unreal images of the natural world and also the stark reminder that unless human kind alter their way, it won’t be around for long, make it thrilling viewing for all, hence it’s overwhelming success. HOWEVER, the one thing I don’t agree with in the slightest is the soundtrack, as here at Mojo20, we’re certain we can curate a much more fitting score than Hans Zimmer ever could. So here we go, it’s the largest migration of club bangers ever discovered, and it could be coming to a BBC nature documentary near you…. maybe.

Mr Scruff / Fish (from Keep It Unreal) 1999

With a large majority of his original works being nautically themed or centred around marine life, we have to start here. Imagine the chorus on this, played over the stunning image of Nemo knocking around near some coral. Perfect.

Bloc Party / Octopus (from Four) 2012

Obvious choice, I mean it’s called ‘Octopus’, which clearly gives us eight great reasons to use this 2012 banger. Not Bloc Party’s most memorable track admittedly but what was we going to do? Include ‘Octopus’ Garden’ by The Beatles? This is a BBC documentary you know?!

Modest Mouse / Float On (from Good News From People Who Love Bad News) 2004

Another example of a band being particularly dedicated to the aquatic as they not only gave us ‘Float On’ but they also released the album ‘We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank’ plus tracks like ‘March Into The Sea’, ‘The Whale Song’ and ‘Missed The Boat’. With this much of an interest in things of the ocean, they have to make the soundtrack.

Queens Of The Stone Age / I Sat By The Ocean (from …Like Clockwork) 2013

Josh Homme drops a marine flavour into this one, thereby combining two of our favourite things. Plus, why would he not be on Blue Planet 2? He’s on everything else. In fact Attenborough might be the only person in showbiz that he hasn’t collaborated with.

Mastodon / Deep Sea Creature (from Call Of The Mastodon) 2006

Everybody’s favourite episode on Blue Planet, whether it be the first series or the new one is the one where we visit the deep, and find out about all the weird, crazy looking things down there. Imagine how some dirty death metal would set the scene whilst we learn about some see through blob with a torch on his head. 

The B-52’s / Rock Lobster (from The B-52’s) 1978

No explanation required… it’s a banger and it’s got lobster in the title. Nuff said.

Swim Deep – The Sea (from Where The Heaven Are We) 2013

Absolutely perfect on all fronts here as Birmingham dream popsters Swim Deep seem to have designed their entire music careers to fit into this soundtrack. Good for them as well, that’s what I call ambition. Plus this would settle your nerves a bit after checking out the deep. 

Crosby & Nash / To The Last Whale (from Wind On The Water) 1975

I can hear it now, being played over the final segment of the show as Sir David informs us all of the impending doom of the planet due to the failing environment, a message set against a backdrop of a desolate eco system that once thrived, whilst half of what was a reasonably ok late 60’s folk rock group remind us of the king of the ocean, the mighty whale. 

Heart / Barracuda (from Little Queen) 1977

Finally, we need an up tempo and exciting theme tune so when it comes on people know it’s business time and this one fits like a glove. Showcasing one of the more viscous looking fish in the sea, I can imagine an opening montage of action packed highlights from the ocean, including David Attenborough rolling over the bonnet of a car at some point.

Honourable mentions go to The Coral, Reel Big Fish, Reef, Frank Ocean, Billy Ocean, Seasick Steve, The Beach Boys, The Ocean, The Seahorses and The Crabs

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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