It’s been some of the most important and frequent news in the entertainment world for the past few weeks as more and more names continue to be mentioned and more accusations of sexual misconduct and abuse surface every single day. Hollywood has seen directors, actors and comedians such as Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Louis C.K all accused of these extremely serious allegations and rightfully so, and then the music world was shook when the lead singer of Brand New Jesse Lacey was accused of soliciting nude photos from an underage girl. All horrendous crimes and all horrific acts, and along with it comes the reality that a career, a legacy and an entire reputation can crumble to dust following an allegation of these historical crimes. 

Therefore it’d be extremely important for these accusations to be true as the impact it could have is detrimental to the continuation of a career, as Essex alt-rock five piece Nothing But Thieves are finding out. After some posts on social media appeared earlier today that accused the band of a plethora of different sexual misconduct charges. For a band still in the infancy of their career and seeming to have all the tools and the talent to become particularly successful, this comes as a huge shock to fans and a huge shame for anybody that has got behind them since their forming in 2012. However, the issue is that the allegations seem to have come from out of nowhere and are only being spread on social media at this time. The band have also released a particularly convincing statement in which they deny entirely any of the allegations made about them, which has us thinking about the importance of following the correct channels into making your complaint and also being wise so as to not push false information through forums like Twitter and Facebook to get attention or of course, the ever sought after ‘likes’.

Until the matter has been investigated further it is unknown whether their is any truth to these rumours and we certainly hope not and that the band can continue unscathed after this ordeal. However if they are found to be guilty of any of the accusations then this spells a just but tragic end for a band that could have had it all. As the latest information stands Nothing But Thieves have already began to lose booked concert dates including working with NME and upcoming shows. 

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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