Brand new single releases come and go, they’re consistent and continuous and always present for our scrutiny or comment. Every now and again arbitrarily, we’ll grab at one and review it, analysing its content and substance, determining whether or not it’s actually any good. On occasion you’ll find a track you love, or even one that you truly hate. You might even be lucky enough to discover music that truly and honestly moves you. Then there’s this. Then there’s ‘Falling’ by Graham Coxon and Luke Daniel which requires comment and review simply based on the fact that it’s one of the more beautiful, moving and genuine pieces of music I’ve heard throughout the previous eleven months of 2017. That’s based on the song alone, not even the story behind it or it’s eventual intentions.

The Blur guitarist and indie icon Graham Coxon has taken a track that appears to have been written by, in Coxon’s words “a talented unknown songwriter” by the name of Luke Daniel, and  talented is certainly the word for him as the track is a masterpiece, standing tall as a dark and brooding, grand but minimal triumph of a track that has subtle, reminiscent tones of Jake Bugg blended with western-esque guitar picks that create a haunting edge and a visual to the piece, and there’s even a triangle note that stands out in colossal fashion.


The sentiment is at the forefront throughout the single and the sentiment is by far its most important point as proceeds from the release of the single go towards supporting the charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). The single will be available for download from the 1st of December (tomorrow), whereas the 7 inch vinyl release is available for pre order from tomorrow, due for release on the 15th of December. I urge you all to do yourselves a favour and get yourself a copy pre-ordered. The cause is worthy and important and the music is wonderful and spellbinding. Without a doubt, Graham Coxon just transcended above his already legitimate legendary status. 


Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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