Whether you believe in fate or not, and normally I wouldn’t it’s hard to ignore the magnetic pull of something that is just meant to be, so when starting off on different sides of the globe, coming together by chance and realising their was a job to be done, Part Time Cooks appear to be on a mission to create and produce good Hip-Hop in a genre that has withstood the test of time and is never shy of evolving. Take a look as we caught up with this incredible duo, made up of Saul Goode and Black Moss… This is Part Time Cooks.


So how’s life for Part Time Cooks right now and where in the world are we finding you?

Life is exciting, We are living in South Korea doing something we never dreamed possible and that’s becoming successful rappers in a foreign country, in Asia.

We loved your last album with Soulchef, where’ve you been since?

Thanks. We dropped two albums within a month of each other and as a direct result of that landed a distribution deal with CJ Entertainment, a music giant out here. Working with Soulchef was a blessing. Dude is really talented. It really fit with our whole aim to be making global, timeless music with people from all over the world that can translate to any corner of the planet. Long story short we have been cooking  and getting ready to plot our South Korea take over. In 2018 this question will be answered in more detail through our releases…

For those that don’t know, tell us how the duo was formed? 

We met through a mutual friend, who also happens to be our DJ, Scotty Soul, 5 years ago. We would run into each other all the time at hip hop events in Seoul and out of a mutual respect a friendship developed. 2 years later we decided to form PTC.


Your style is reminiscent of a more old school, more substantial hip-hop. What are your influences and what created the Part Time Cooks sound? 

The first producer we worked with on our Debut EP Midnight Snack, Thovo Beats, is a big reason why we came out with the sound we did. we fell in love with his production and over the course of two weekends laid down the EP. We love jazzy samples but as we grow in this game the more we are trying to move away from sample heavy music which is a nightmare to clear.

 New track ‘Old Friends’ seems to be extremely personal. Can you explain the sentiment behind the track?

‘Old Friends’ lyrics are a nod to the people in our lives who we used to see on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis that we feel as though we don’t have as much time with these days. Speaking for myself I’ve always kind of been the dude that went to the studio each weeknight and afterwards met a different friend or group of friends each night. That just can’t happen anymore due to time restraints and even on the days I could leave the house, I need to spend time with my girl or even myself. It’s somewhat of an apology yet clearly states don’t expect this to stop anytime soon as we know we have ALOT more work to do with this music thing.


 Your brand new EP is due out at the beginning of 2018. Tell us about it, what can we expect?

Sacrifices is the name of the EP and it follows a similar theme to that of ‘Old Friends’. It’s a very personal glimpse into our new lives and how choosing the particular path we have has affected us. It’s going to have a minimal but include some VERY special features, beats by Elexven, VMC’s Staillest, and Durbanite, Scotty Soul. Albeit a relatively short EP, it’s packed full of lyrical content and timeless production.

What do you see for the future of Hip-Hop and the future of Part Time Cooks?

Hip Hop is here to stay as it has proved that time and time again. There are a lot of people complaining about the lack of substance in newer music today, but if you look at the biggest rappers in the world, they are mostly lyrical and some of this so called “mumble rap” is creative and quite frankly fun as hell. The production I’m hearing on everything from unknown beat makers on SoundCloud up to the number one hits is all out of control. People are taking shit to a whole new level. We may get some people saying that they miss our old sample based formula with our next release, but we are moving with the times because this new wave in production feels good, and leaves more room for a lot more of the melodic hooks we have been writing. 

You can find Part Time Cooks on Facebook, Twitter and at

Black Moss & Saul Goode were talking to Stuart Green from Moj20 (@mojo20_music)



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