Now this news piece has been doing the rounds all day and after hearing about it this morning, it seemed to require a bit of patience for the full story to come out and also for some measure of thought before really gathering an opinion, so that’s all this is, it’s merely my opinion and two cents on the whole ordeal…

What a f@#*ing dick head!

It was last night at a Queens Of The Stone Age concert in Los Angeles, that frontman Josh Homme whilst performing on stage, spontaneously booted a photographer right in the face for absolutely no reason at all. Now as many people are and rightfully so, here at Mojo20, we generally celebrate and constantly applaud Homme in his musical endeavours as his artistry, his musical ability and his production genius have elevated him to a position that I don’t believe that many modern musicians have reached and are likely to reach. His music consistently showcases substance and a full and rounded knowledge and understanding of the history of the musician in which he performs and creates. He sits atop the rock n roll mountain with a select few others and can very easily be deemed an icon of modern music. But whether lost in performance or not, kicking a young woman in the face, just isn’t really on is it? I mean, let’s just filter it out slightly and agree that he in no way meant to kick her in the face, he most certainly meant to kick her camera which is no doubt worth something north of a couple of hundred dollars. Be that as it may, he did kick her camera, and subsequently in the face which apparently then led to a night in the emergency room. As previously mentioned, here at Mojo20 we’re big fans of Josh Homme whether it be with QOTSA, Eagles Of Death Metal or any of his other projects, but this is disappointing and just a bit shit. In his official apology statement, Homme has fully accepted responsibility and also stated that there is no good reason for why he did it. His apology is profuse and remorseful but it does still make you wonder what the hell could be running through a mans mind to want to do this. I mean, don’t get me wrong I’ve seen this sort of behaviour before, but last time it was a fourteen year old chav pissing around on the dodgems. As a man of 44 and with a hell of a lot of money in the bank, I cant understand the mind set he must have been in to do this. 


I’m not here to condemn him, that’s not at all my place, but in a world with corrupt politicians and false idols, where every actor and director in Hollywood is being accused of sexual atrocities and where good music is so rare, why would one of the more reliably respectable members of the artistic/musical community let himself down like this. Also, his statement runs along the same lines as everybody else in the public eye at the minute, aiming more towards self degradation and humiliation so as to appease the blood thirsty social media hounds and the keyboard warriors, than actually apologising in a personal and intimate level with Chelsea Lauren and doing what’s right without creating a public spectacle of it. But hey, if it was done in private, we’d all have less to Tweet about right? My main concern is that in a world where reputation is so fragile, will Homme have the ability to turn perception around and will this be forgotten I due course? Only time will tell but I certainly hope so.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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