It’s that time of the year where everybody looks back at the year that was and what a year it’s been. Despite being dominated by political and cultural change and controversy, it’s been a great year for music and as 2017 grows ever closer to it’s inevitable end, many different publications have added their two cents and cast their opinion on the best/their favourite albums of the year. Well with only a couple of weeks until 2018 begins and a whole new journey presents itself, here’s Mojo20’s top 5 albums of the year 2017…

5. Little Dragon / Season High – April 14th


As one of the most exciting, interesting and obscure indie electro acts on the planet returned with their fifth studio album, the lead track ‘Sweet‘ has all hooked following its unveiling. The rest of the album had just as much to offer as it made twists and turns and covered every sound possible.

4. Sundara Karma / Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect – January 6th 


We’ve commented many times on how indie rock has changed in sound, style and substance but one of the bands keeping us happy with the direction in which it’s moved is Sundara Karma, and their infectiously fun and increasingly impressive debut LP. Tracks like ‘Flame’, ‘She Said’ and ‘Loveblood’ have had dance floors going crazy for the past six months and excitement is already high for their second offering.

3. Life / Popular Music – March 17th


A little more underground and a lot more dirty but Life have been one of the fastest rising bands on the live music circuit this year and rightfully so too. After catching them once again at this years 2Q festival in Lincoln, we were reminded of the power and observational genius that is Life, and their debut record ‘Popular Music’ may just be the finest soundtrack to the bat shit mental year that was 2017. See our full review of the album, here as well as the gig review from 2Q here.

2. LCD Soundsystem / American Dream – September 1st


One of the most anticipated albums of the entire decade as James Murphy returned with the first new music record by LCD Soundsystem in a very long time. It did not disappoint and was met with positive reviews and critical acclaim, however it wasn’t the hype machine that led to ‘American Dream’ being heavily favoured, but the content within as the album plays wonderfully from beginning to end and covers the entire spectrum of what makes LCD Soundsystem so great.

1. Dan Auerbach / Waiting On A Song – June 2nd


We said on our original review of the album that it was a very strong contender for album of the year and as great as the latter half of 2017 was, nothing surpassed it. The soundtrack to the summer it was indeed and it sound tracked some of the most incredible moments of the year for us. With it’s simplicity and incredible musicianship, the Black Keys frontman went solo and stole the entire show. Thank you Dan Auerbach, for a great 2017.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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