In a world so painfully connected, when each and every persons poorly educated or misinformed opinion is not only available but right there in front of you at all times with nothing more than a scroll or a swipe of a finger, and where self-indulgence, narcissism and self-importance are in grand supply, the blog is one of the most popular ways of expressing your opinions and thoughts and posting it out for the world to enjoy. With this in mind I’d like to welcome you to THINKING GREEN.

My name is Stuart Green and many of you will know that I previously ran Mojo20 and of course, which was a site delivering music news, updates, reviews and interviews for many years and that came to its conclusion this past New years eve. After some time away from the keyboard, the time is right for a brand new project and a whole new medium. Thinking Green is not just music but everything I care about and need to vent, moan or get excited about. Whether it be passions and ideas like climate change, local events, good food or craft ales, or maybe it’ll be a detailed review of the latest record to hit the charts, the newest restaurant to open or the latest wrestling event to be on television. It’ll be political, it’ll be personal and it’ll always, always be honest. You’ll get involved in my latest challenges and ideas and will hopefully come away with a lot more than when you arrived.

2018 is a brand new year and there’s never been so much to talk about. So get involved, let us know your thoughts, and enjoy…




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