So at total risk of sounding like your average self-indulgent blogger, come life coach, I do want to share something with you and it might be something that you’ve never even considered before. I do this only because I’ve seen the benefits and think you could too. Hands up, how many of you reading this can honestly say that the pressures of the world don’t get on top of you and weigh you down, whether it be work, relationships, finances or lack of all of the above, the world is a place full of expectations, goals, targets and then subsequently and unfortunately sometimes failures. Our minds are filled with the details of the day ahead and the ongoing to do list that becomes our entire lives.

Introducing meditation…

Seriously. I know that most of you immediately thought of the baboon off Lion King sat on a rock humming to himself but it is a real thing and it does have the answer to all the problems created by your mental traffic jams, constant racing thoughts and relentless internal chitter chatter. The practice of meditation isn’t just for monks or hippies, it’s for everybody and it’s extremely easy. Most people will come home and wind down by popping on the TV, cracking open a beer or even diving head first into an extra curricular project, but the thing these ideas all have in common is that it’s moving your thought process from one thing to another and the mind needs as much down time as the rest of your body. Meditation centres mainly around breathing, and taking stock of the smaller things going on, such as the way your body feels, the rhythm of each breath or the peace and quiet around you as you do it. It’s the human equivalent of going into standby mode and ten minutes of this a day can help massively. Through doing this you’ll train your mind to maintain focus, avoid distraction and develop a level of mindfulness that will improve your entire mental state. I, for example, started it around a year ago and found it to be extremely helpful and as somebody who does store up a lot of pent-up tension and irritability from the never ending work load i’ve been keeping up for years, I can sometimes feel it all physically leave my body and I’m left feeling rejuvenated and awake afterwards. Still not sold? Well why not do what I did and just give it a try. There’s a couple of great apps that can talk you through the beginning stages and get you off onto the road to clearer mind such as Calm and Headspace. The latter is a perfect way to start and was a lot of fun, however Calm has a lot more as an app such as music to help with sleep, focus and relaxation as well.

Honestly, take a chance and get involved. Your psychological state is just as important as your physical state, and trying something new never hurt anybody. Good luck.


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