For quite some time now, it seems that almost every day, a brand new business, bar, restaurant or venue is popping up in Lincoln. There’s so many shiby new places cropping up that it seems almost impossible getting around to head out and visit them all. However, on the 30th of March (Good Friday 2018) a brand new bar opened up amidst the historical quarter of the city, on the Bailgate, and so began its first day of trading. The BeerHeadz brand which also has bars in Nottingham, Grantham and Retford had begun plans for their Lincoln branch a while back and although they were met with a few setbacks they persevered and  eventually opened up at the most opportune time, the first bank holiday weekend of the Spring.

I visited the bar on the early evening on the first day and was instantly surprised by the warm atmosphere, the great look of the place and also how busy it was, and after speaking with staff behind the bar I was told it’d been consistently busy throughout the entire day. Most importantly of course, the selection of beers was exciting and they had everything from IPA’s to Porters, and Lagers to flavoured Craft Ales. They had six beers on cask and nine on the keg and each of them were being tried and tested by a constantly changing local lineup of new customers. I was extremely pleased to see a tropical IPA by Alphabet Brewing Co called Juice Springsteen of which I went back for seconds. For anybody who enjoys interesting, foursome and substantial beer, it is essential that you pop in and check the place out. No Carling, no Fosters and no Carlsberg. It’s ale with a purpose and filled with passion and it shows.



From a very happy customer who will be returning soon, and the rest of Lincoln, we welcome BeerHeadz to Lincoln’s Bailgate as the city continues to evolve and grow in every single way. You can find BeerHeadz in Lincoln at 4 Eastgate, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN2 1QA, and find more at or on their Facebook page.


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