It’s Saturday and it’s midday which no doubt means your city centre, wherever you live is heaving and thriving. It’s the biggest shopping day of the week as people take advantage of a couple of days off to go wild and indulge in some well needed retail therapy, or as I call it, frivolous consumerism. What you do with your money is of course up to you and if touring round shops and making some spontaneous purchases is your thing, then you go right ahead. However, may I interject with a particular point which I believe at this stage has been a little lost.

With the inception of online shopping and mail order convenience, high streets all over the country have suffered and business’s far and wide are shutting down and liquidating due to competitive online pricing and the attractive quality of being able to get what you want without leaving your sofa, or bed depending on just how lazy you are. In Lincoln at the minute there’s an epidemic of empty units and shops. What makes this even worse is that a lot of money is being poured into infrastructure and retail in the city, problem is they are constructing brand new buildings and complexes whilst an existing one lies derelict and empty only yards away. With every brand new restaurant, two bars close. As one new Bar opens, two pubs struggle. The same units appear to take on new business, and 6 months later end up empty again. However at the same time, your franchises and large corporate names continue to do well, and even on their quiet days, their outlets nationwide keeps them safe.


The point being, I implore you, even if just for today have a think first before deciding where to out your money. Here’s a few examples…

Going for a Coffee today? Well Starbucks, Costa and Nero will still be there tomorrow. Why not head to one of Lincoln’s incredible, award-winning coffee shops, whether they be the Angel Coffee House, or Coffee Aroma in the center of town or even one of the incredible tea shops on Steep hill?

Doing the big shop today? Trade in Tescos or Asda for your local Butchers, head to your nearest green grocers. You’ll save a ton of money and support that family owned business near you, plus more often than not, the produce is fresher and of a much greater standard.

Are you sat at the computer now, getting ready to order that thing you don’t need. Hey man, there’s definitely a place in town that’ll do it. Amazon is great for books but so is Waterstones in the city centre and guess what, we’ve got two!

Got a crate of Stella in the fridge for tonight? Christ, call a friend and go catch up in the pub down the road. It’s the same bloody thing but you might actually have a good time rather than falling asleep at 10pm and regretting your weekend choices.


By thinking more about how you spend your money, you could easily save some too. Get some exercise and head into the city. Support your local business’s and keep some of these places open. This goes for all of you, everywhere… give it a try. Show some love and keep it local.



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