It’s Sunday and that means adventure day and today certainly was as we headed out towards Worksop to visit Creswell Crags. This incredible limestone gorge dates right back to the last ice age and shows the effects of the changing world over the past 70,000 years. The large man-made lake in the centre of the gorge literally separates Nottinghamshire from Derbyshire and you can walk either path by the side of the lake and be in two counties in a matter of minutes.

This trail was a slightly different one as normally we’d prefer to get our boots on and go exploring without a guide or any real idea what we’re doing, but with the multitude of caves situated within the cliff faces and the incredible historical background we just had to book ourselves in for a tour, and it was well worth it. For over an hour we heard about the different prehistoric animals that were discovered to have called the gorge home and also how the Neanderthal man would have followed them to this area to hunt for food as well as the materials required to create clothing and tools. We were taken around the caves and told all the stories behind them and shown replicas of flint and stone tools that had been found on site. The cave is also home to the European cave spider which was a fact worth not knowing, especially when you were inside already and it was a little late to escape. Isn’t it weird that when you find out something is there, you see tons of them…


Anyway, the tours are great and the information is staggering but the sights and scenery are what steal the show at Creswell Crags and despite not being a conventional walkers dream, it certainly provides plenty for a fun and exercise filled Sunday. Once the tour was over and we were left to our own devices we walked the length of the lake and then onto the Robin Hoods way trail which led us through a string of fields and over hills which boasted stunning views across Derbyshire. At the end of the path we found ourselves in the neighbouring village with no real choice but to turn back and do it over in reverse, but it was a great Sunday walk, enjoying the fresh air and the great company. Once back at the cliffs we walked the other side of the lake and therefore a different county and managed to end up amassing around 5km on todays trail. Not so bad, at least we’ve earned our roast chicken today. Go check it out, it’s crazy interesting and the kids will love it.



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