So, the weekend is well and truly in full swing and I shouldn’t doubt that you’ve all spent it beautifully in your own way. However, if you’re looking forward to next weekend or the weekday evenings ahead then let me make a suggestion… if you’re looking for a recommendation for a great place for a dinner for you and your friends, or you and a loved one, then look no further than Olivares. Situated in the beautiful and historic Castle square in Lincoln. The one that, if you’re like me, have tried to get into multiple times whilst just walking past only to be told they’re full? I know that’s been the case for me in the past. Every time I pop in to see if there is a free table, the answer is the same, NO!

Well, whilst thinking ahead this past week I called and made a reservation for the Thursday night and me and my wonderful girlfriend Alice took a trip into town to go and see what Olivares was all about. Was it justified to always be so full? Did it compare to the other local tapas restaurant Ole Ole?

Well yes it did, and in some ways it was better. Now I’ve been to Ole Ole a few times in the past and I can’t deny for a second that the food is incredible and is a great place for a fun dinner all round. BUT, the decor at Olivares is so much more authentic and carefully considered, and although a little dark, it’s charming and comfortable. I wasn’t actually aware it was so large and actually has three different rooms in which to be seated including an upstairs with its own bar. We were seated upstairs and immediately greeted by extremely nice waiting staff and our drinks orders were taken.


Now the really important bit. The menu had a ton of choice all laid out conveniently into sub sections so as to make it easy to pick out exactly what you want. They even had some great set meal suggestions for a very reasonable price, but half the fun of Tapas is picking out the multiple dishes you’re going to spread all over the table, so we stayed away from any set menus on this occasion. With so much choice it was hard to whittle down the options but we went for seven of their finest dishes including Albondigas, Croquetas de pollo, Calamares, Chorizo al vino tinto and of course a few variations on Patatas bravas. Seven dishes in total was the perfect amount for the two of us, but then again we are particularly greedy when it comes to Mediterranean cuisine.


The food really was fantastic and the time it took from being seated to having our orders, whether drinks or meals, was very reasonable. As mentioned before, the restaurant itself is in a beautiful location and once inside the beauty continues. The waiters are friendly and knowledgable and made for a great experience. So in conclusion, I highly recommend Olivares, but of course, do call ahead and book due to its high demand and limited space. But on the right night and with the right person, this could be one of the greatest little spots in Lincoln, so go try it for yourself.



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