With social media starting trends every five minutes, it seems to be an everyday occurrence that the day, month or week belong to a particular fad, movement, issue or food group. However, this week (commencing Monday the 30th of April 2018) signifies National gardening week, and I can’t help but mention it because finally we have a national occasion that means something and could make a difference. With World Earth day happening not that long back, the same sentiments are still on everybody’s mind and for everybody that wants to, this is a great opportunity to get involved in making things a little bit greener.

Now I love gardening already and as my weekly Sunday pass time, I find nothing more enjoyable than getting my own garden organised, straightened out and looking great as well as tending to all the different plants and flowers I have on display. I’d implore anyone to get outside of their own house and make the most of the space they’ve got. It’s beneficial on so many levels and here’s a few examples: It’s great exercise and you can enjoy some real fresh air, you can improve your home aesthetically, plus planting flowers and plants not only brightens the place up but attracts and provides for bees, insects and wildlife in the area.



Not a fan of colour, fair enough but how about cutting down on your household waste by composting? That’s right. What if all your potato peelings and unwanted vegetable cuts didn’t have to go straight in the kitchen trash can but could go outside to your compost heap or bin and become food for the little monsters in your garden as well as eventually providing you with your own compost full of nutrients and goodness that you made happen. Pretty awesome right?


A lot of people might not have the space, or even a garden at all, but that’s alright. Get involved by bringing the garden inside. House plants like Aloe vera and Eucalyptus can work as extremely efficient air filters and provide a cleaner fresher oxygen within the home. Why not add a little green to the living room or even your office or spare room?


The possibilities are endless but the results are always the same, positive. A healthier you. A greener home. A more efficient and less wasteful household. An eco system benefitting from us rather than permanently being sapped of all resource. On National gardening week 2018, make a move towards making a change and giving something back to a world that gives us so much, whilst giving yourself a little something too.


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