So here’s nothing more than a massive moan, and whats worse is, it’s a moan about moaning. But seriously, its time to address something as it just seems to be getting ridiculous. The past couple of days have seen a landslide of claims on social media that certain things are offensive, even racist, and the way in which the world points out displeasure and the rest of the planet then has to follow these brand new rules is just crazy, especially when the subject matter is just pathetic.

It’s been an ongoing debate, or war, for some time now and a lot of the time it boils down to political leanings. The right likes to point at screaming left-wing activists and call them ‘Snowflakes’ for their constant complaining and ability to find offence in anything, however the left appear to be out there fighting injustice and giving a voice to the voiceless and fighting for the rights of all. As someone who really doesn;t lean politically in either direction, I prefer policies and results over exclusive clubs and adversarialism. From this stand point, in the middle, it’s easy to see what a cartoon society has become as people label themselves and adorn the uniform of whichever side they choose whilst leaving no room for logic, definition or individual basis. Social media, as always, has a huge hand in this also as everybody now has a voice, normally an ill-informed and attention seeking one, but a voice nonetheless and when it’s so easy to have your voice heard nowadays, any gripe or complaint can be heard and spread around the world in minutes. It seems to have become a competition as to who can be more offended, more victimized or more oppressed and from where I’m stood it’s nothing more than ridiculous and disrespectful to the millions of people around the world who’s lives are affected by things like racism, misogyny, violence etc.

Let’s have a look at some of the examples from the past few days, that are my motivation for this gross proclamation of despair.

How about the Eurovision song contest winner, Netta? Israel’s representative stole the show with frankly a shite song, as were the rest of them and some chicken impressions but that’s Eurovision right? That isn’t the problem though. Oh god no, the problem is that she was dressed in a Kimono and there was evidence of traditional Chinese memorabilia/decoration in the background. This is what’s being described as cultural appropriation and is apparently extremely offensive. The backlash came the day after when internet idiots had really had a chance to think some shit up that they could complain about.

What about the fact, the word Gammon is now racist? That’s right, the cured cut of pork from the hind leg of a pig that families all over the world enjoy for dinner now and again, depending on your diet choices. It’s now racist because apparently the term Gammon has been used to describe a particular type of right-wing voter, the average Brexit supporter and in medical terms, an overweight white bloke who’s cholesterol is high as hell. Oh dear, and we all thought the left were a bunch of hippies that loved Jeremy Corbyn and veganism, but no it turns out they’re as evil as to call somebody a pork product. Now, this does point out the massive hypocrisy of the left who always claim to be about tolerance and love and peace and a fair share for all, unless of course you don;t agree with them and then you’re a lamb chop, but is it racist? No of course it isn’t. I’d be almost certain that there isn;t a single person on the planet who’s been personally offended by the term. It’s all hypothetical nonsense to keep social media alive with political debate.

Also, Rita Ora had to make a big apology as she released her brand new single ‘Girls’. That’s right, an apology for a pop song. When there are bands like Pig Destroyer and Cradle of Filth on planet earth I immediately wonder what the hell could Rita have done. Well it turns out the subject matter of the song is to do with drunken romantic flings with your female friends. No different really to Katy Perry’s break out track ‘I Kissed A Girl’ (it’s even in the name of that one). But of course that was ten years ago when people had better things to do. On inspection, the song doesn;t have an offensive moment in it other than the fact the lyrics are crap. It’s a typical modern pop song where an artist has to bring in all of their friends to feature on the track because name value means money of course. It features Cardi B who seems to be the hottest name in music at the minute, for some reason, Bebe Rexha and Charli XCX who’s just useless anyway. The songs terrible, I can’t believe it takes four top talents to create that below average dross, BUT that’s not the problem. Mass offence was taken by people in the LGBTQ+ community as it stereotypes and marginalises same-sex relationships but I just don’t see it. As an artist, Rita Ora should be able to project and express however she feels and if it isn’t for you then don;t buy the track. If ou don;t like the product, don’t purchase, it’s easy. But instead she was made to make a public statement and apology, essentially standing trial once again to the world that’s offended by everything.

Where does it end? What’s right to say anymore, what can we wear, shit, I don;t even know if eating pork is ok now! The point is, it’s ridiculous. The power to ignore, or move on, or consider context or approach has all gone missing. The feelings of the person next to you is making each individuals feelings a mine field of what’s right or wrong. We’re told to express ourselves. but how? We’re told to talk about our problems, but you can’t. There’s always somebody ready to fight your words or actions in the name of their own preferences. What’s worse is, as I said earlier, the real issues in the world are getting pushed aside for social media fads and extreme outrage. In fact it tars social issues with a brush that leaves you leaving bored and despondent. Why should anyone stand up for their fellow-man and support their lifestyle when the requirements are so fucking stupid. Anyway, that’s just something to think about…. cue the offended readers. Sorry in advance.


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