It seems these days, and not a moment too soon, that people’s ideas and perceptions surrounding the environment and the condition of the planet are changing and more people are becoming conscious of the large impact we’ve had on planet Earth in the past couple of hundred years. Industry boomed and mass production of energy, materials and consumer items became readily available but all without any concern for the lasting impact it’d have. Fortunately the potential problems have been, and are still being, vocalised heavily and the message has been sent by many an influential expert on the matter, such as David Attenborough on his latest series of Blue Planet.

There’s a long way to go before we really get it figured out as a race, but a sturdy base has been built already for a human race that considers energy-saving alternatives, ethical means of farming or product testing, natural and non-toxic produce choices etc etc etc. So here, I’m going to share with you five really simple suggestions for a more natural, more ethical, more green home, take a look:

Original Source shower gel

You’ve all heard of it, you’ve maybe even used it as a novelty before so you can talk with your friends about the tingling sensation it has on your… anyway, point being that all their shower gels are vegan, all natural and even the bottles in which they come are recyclable. They’ve got tons of awesome flavours, each one derived from a natural, and of course original, source. I don’t use anything else and haven’t done for years. That’s how I became a one time tribe super fan… true story.



Method products

If you haven’t heard of Method or used their products then you’re missing out in a big way. Cleaning products have never been so cool as they also explore creative and interesting scents whilst remaining entirely environmentally friendly. They pride themselves on being forward thinkers, always considering the past, present and future in every aspect of their work. Their products are all non-toxic, all packaging is biodegradable or recyclable, it’s all animal friendly and they consciously operate with systems that continue to be efficient and without impact to the environment. Surely a company who appear to be more concerned with climate change than profit is worth your attention, support and money?


LED lighting/lamps

In 2018 I would assume this is something you’re already doing, and if not then you better pay attention, because even the meanest most ignorant form of evil would appreciate the energy savings here as far as it relates to their electricity bill. Of course we’re all aware of the advancements in technology that have been made over the past thirty few decades and LED lighting is one that’s leading the way in energy-saving power solutions. Commercially it has been embraced for a long time, and I’d even expect the lamp-post outside your house is an LED fitting. The differences in power usage are massive and a standard 60 watt GLS lamp that you’ve no doubt got in your living room lighting pendant can now be fitted with a 5.5 watt equivalent. That’s a difference of 54.5 watts and the saving will be reflected in your bill too. Save the planet, and save some money. Good deal right? Not to mention the fact they can last for years and most will have a warranty of three years or more, stopping you from having to replace your light bulbs so often. Does it get any better?

Bulldog face wash

Yet another great cosmetic product as Bulldog provide an incredible range of face washes moisturisers, beard washes and more. It may be one for the men only but that just means you lads have got to get your act together since you’ve got so much opportunity. All natural and all made from an incredible array of ingredients. It’s vegan, it’s not tested on animals and it contains no chemicals or alcohols that’ll dry you out.


Bobble water containers

Well the first four have been easy, affordable and have made an unreal amount of sense, so we better cap it off with a fifth to match the rest. Bobble are just one of many great companies championing the re-useable over the disposable and along with their wonderful filter design, the first bottle you buy could be the only bottle you buy. The filters last months and can be easily replaced or recharged by boiling the coal filter in water. Imagine all the bottles of water you buy from the shop, or fizzy drinks you continually guzzle becoming a thing of the past as you efficiently use your own water bottle on a daily basis, enjoying filtered fresh water and working towards your daily water intake goals, but you only had to pay once. Mine goes everywhere with me and will be doing for a long time to come.


So there you have it. Just a handful of money-saving, planet saving, healthy, ethical, naturally fun ideas for you and the home. Let me know if you try any of them out or even if you’re a fan already. Keep it green guys…




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