So this mostly certainly a review, but a recommendation or a suggestion as it’s something I’ve been enjoying recently, and I think you might to. ‘Why Not Now?’ is an episodic podcast brought to you and presented by author, investor, public speaker and all round success story, Amy Jo Martin, who has dedicated a show to that extremely important and permanently valid question… why not now? It questions procrastination and celebrates those leaps of faith that lead people towards their dreams or the path to achievement. It’s a much easier question to ask than to carry out and in this scary world of ups and downs it is very easy to find complacency through comfortability, but the beauty of this podcast is that Amy and her chosen guest really dig in and break down the steps to achieving your goals and the thought process behind going after what it is you really want.


The podcast is presented in such a clean, clear, concise fashion that it becomes so easy to follow and genuinely inspires you to chase some dreams as the clarity of approach feels more like a guideline for following, and if there’s anything you need in acting upon your goals and desires, it’s a helpful hint of direction. The guests are varied and each story as interesting as the last. The featured guests vary from other podcasters to CEO’s, to athletes and more, with each struggle, journey and ascent to the top being unique yet equally inspiring. The podcast is also a handy, almost bitesize 40+ minutes long, making it easy to binge and get through plenty of content in one day. I listen to a lot of podcasts and I’ve known some to clock in at five hours, so it’s always nice to be able to get an episode finished in one sitting without interruption, plus it’s easy to invest in even if you don’t know the guest that week.

Previous guests include Mark Cuban, Morgan Spurlock, Billy Corgan, Jessica Alba, Kim Motley, Daniel Bryan and even Amy Jo Martin herself. So go and check it out, subscribe on iTunes to receive each new episode to your device of choice and see what you can unlock in your own mind through the stories and advice of some truly inspirational people. Hey you’ve been looking to find a new podcast haven’t you? Why not now?


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