So after writing a piece a few weeks ago that centred around being more eco in the home in which I shared a few tips and ideas from my own house that can make your home life a little more natural and a little less toxic, I received a message from a friend. This particular friend has been working hard recently building her brand, Carma health in which she also promotes, suggests and advocates natural, ethical and healthy products ranging from skin care to nutrition and more. A large part of her campaign is centred around the company Arbonne who specialise in botanically sourced cosmetics and pride themselves on producing natural, pure and safe products that aim to provide personal care and wellness products that improve your skin, body and mind. Knowing that I’d be interested in hearing about Arbonne and its many benefits my friend Caroline put me on the track to learning a little more about them and I can’t help but myself becoming more and more impressed the further I dive into their catalogue of products. The company holds a very high regard for their integrity and proudly promote a wealth of different products that all help to improve the physical and mental condition of those that use them. Not only that but their unique social marketing strategy means that word of mouth and inter personal networking are their highest means of exposure, spreading the message by means just as organic as their produce.


Finding a company as engrossed in celebrating the natural, ethical and purity side of cosmetics is very exciting and strengthens the change the world is seeing as more and more people open their eyes to the damage we’ve all previously caused not only to the planet, but to ourselves as well. So check out Arbonne, and go ahead and keep your eyes open for some awesome events and opportunities to get discounts and to learn more about them. This is a company worth celebrating, and there really isn’t that many, so jump on board.


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