Man, some days are just a good day to get excited and celebrate music, and today sounds like one of those days. Reason being, I got my first sneak peek at the new album by Blues royalty, Buddy Guy and it came in the form of ‘Blue No More’ which also features the talents of James Bay. Bay, who just released his new album ‘Electric Light’ joins possibly the last great blues icon, who since the passing of B.B King, we’ve all been praying for and watching closely in hope of preserving the last true star of the blues movement. However, the praying might have been a little premature as Buddy Guy is back and sounding, literally better than ever. With 65 years in the business, a plethora of records in his discography and at 81 years old, it’s nothing short of a miracle of science but I swear, Buddy Guy may never have sounded this good. His brand new album ‘The Blues Is Alive & Well’ is available on the 15th of June and is stacked with fifteen tracks, ranging from blues standards to unbelievable collaborations. The title might just be the most perfect and poignant album name of 2018.


‘Blue No More’ is the blues at its utmost and boats a down tempo, smooth swagger, dripping with cool and benefiting from the interesting contrast in vocal styles of both Guy and Bay. It serves as a wonderful introduction to this brand new album, his 34th throughout his career and his 17th solo, and it leaves you wanting more, which is ideal promotion for an upcoming record release. Will we be hearing it on Radio 1? Probably not. Can we expect Buddy Guy being interviewed on Nick Grimshaw’s breakfast show? Nah, I wouldn’t hold your breath. But despite its commercial and mainstream limitations, I know for damn sure that this is the most excited I’ve been for an album this year and will be anxiously anticipating my first full run through of the album on the 15th of next month.


Whilst digging a little further, the album gets even more exciting as it features guest appearances by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and also a brilliant version of ‘Nine Below Zero’ which I know famously to be one of the best tracks Sonny Boy Williamson used to perform. That, and ‘Blue No More’ are both available for download as is the album on pre-order, so don’t waste any time. It feels odd to get so joyous about new blues releases in 2018, but that’s music I suppose. Always throwing surprises our way. The album is called ‘The Blues Is Alive & Well’ and I believe you might be right there Buddy…


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