What a weekend its been for us so far. Comedy festivals, amazing food, fantastic company, bike rides, garden time and more… plus Sundays barely begun. With all this action you’d certainly need a decent breakfast, and that’s exactly what we aimed for when we FINALLY went to sample the delights at Lincoln’s hottest new venue, The Cosy Club.

This place has been open a while and I’ve actually been in for drinks a couple of times but never for the food. I have tried though, hence the FINALLY on the previous paragraph but due to the popular demand and overwhelmingly impressive start this place has had, across six different attempts to book a meal, I’ve found myself too late. So on this occasion we were waiting outside at opening time (9am on Saturdays), banging down the door, screaming for a taste of what they had to offer.

Now, the venue itself, is incredible. There are no other words. After renovating part of the Lincoln Cornhill quarter as part of a massive redevelopment of the entire area, The Cosy Club stands as its crown jewel. They’ve maintained and kept a lot of the old historical advertisements on the walls and retained vintage feel whilst transforming it into a modern and light space for literally hundreds of people to enjoy at a time. The whole quarters development is proving a massive success and generally speaking it now feels like more of a pleasure to walk through that area, whether on your way into town or over to the train station to head out of Lincoln.


Anyway, back to the food. As I said, this was first meal of a very busy day so we weren’t playing around here. After being kindly offered both a gluten-free and vegan menu, both of which I inspected closely and found to be varied, well thought out and diverse in flavours and approaches, I looked over to the standard menu and decided there was only one way to know the quality of the place, so opted for the Cosy Club Breakfast. Now if you’re going to put your name on it, it needs to be great… and it was. Pretty much business as usual, but the coffee was good and again, options for soy or almond milk were offered, the portion was reasonable, not too small so as to have you feel cheated out of your money, but not too big so as to leave you lethargic and full at the beginning of your weekend. All the main stars were there, sausage, bacon, fried egg, hash brown, baked beans, tomato, mushroom and sourdough toast, but it all felt fresh, clean and nutritionally rich. My dining partner opted for a slightly lighter “Cosy Eggs” which consisted of a poached egg on toast with salmon and hollandaise sauce, neatly garnished and spectacularly presented.


The whole thing was well thought out, attention to detail always on point and the staff were friendly, inviting and helpful at all times. The menu and the bar are for everyone, I can;t imagine anybody walking away disappointed and I honestly couldn’t recommend it more and especially at a time such as now. With an ailing high street and closure after closure of retail business or restaurant/bar, don’t let this go, keep this alive. Because it would seem to me that if you give them your business, The Cosy Club are happy to help with anything you want.



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