I spent a whole afternoon wondering if this was a thing. Does it contradict the whole point of a salad? I mean, that is essentially a lot of cheese. Honestly, I was super concerned about the consequences behind such an idea, but it was not only all worth it in the end, it might even be my greatest creation of all time!

That’s right, you read it correctly, it’s a three cheese salad and it might just be your new favourite meal. Dead quick, mega easy and I’m not going to beat about the bush here, I’m going to dive straight into the nitty-gritty because the weekend is approaching and this could be the perfect Friday night dinner.

Of course your own variations are always welcome but here’s what I chose to create my masterpiece:

1 x bag of mixed Baby leaf salad

One large green Pepper

Half a Red Onion

2 x medium-sized salad Tomatoes

Juice of 1 x Lime

Caeser salad dressing


1 X Mozzarella ball sliced

Halloumi sliced

Half a block of Feta crumbled


Pre-heat your grill and begin by slicing up your vegetables, as thick as you prefer to have them, and throw them into a large oven proof roasting dish. Season with salt & pepper before sliding under the hot grill. Whilst they’re cooking away, begin to arrange your leaves on the plate. This meal serves 2 and with generous helpings so never be afraid to hold back on the leaves, but personally I used the whole bag. Lightly drizzle your dressing over the leaves and scatter your croutons haphazardly. Now it’s time to for the cheese. Start by slicing your halloumi into around eight thick slices and now add to your roasted dish under the grill. Slice your Mozzarella ball and crumble half your block of feta, keeping the rest aside for tomorrow night dinner or a late night snack (I’m joking, that’s too much cheese for anyone). After around fifteen minutes your halloumi will be browning and your veg will be thoroughly grilled so go ahead and add the rest of your cheese. Throw it in, nothing about this is neat and tidy. After only a few minutes you’ll begin to see how the roasting dish under the grill has become a massive cheesy vegetable bake. By this point it’s time to remove from the grill.


Cut down the centre of your dish and use a spatula to remove a large slice of the bake and dump on top of your leaves, creating a stringy, cheesy, veggie mess on top of your salad bed. Then, viola. You’re ready to eat. I cooked two slices of fresh garlic bread to go with it and it worked perfectly so maybe give that a try. Other than that, go forth and have fun, but remember…

It ain’t easy, being cheesy.


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