What more could you want on a Friday night than to head over to a great venue in a beautiful city on a warm, sunny evening and catch a gig? Well last night, on the 15th of June, I was lucky enough to partake in exactly that and what’s more is that I was heading out to see a legend of the stage perform live. Gaz Coombes might be better known to some as the lead singer and frontman of the iconic mid 90’s indie band Supergrass, but he’ll also be known to many as a solo performer and incredible song writer. With three solo albums under his belt including his most recent LP release ‘Worlds Strongest Man’ coming out last month, he’s got plenty of material of his own and that’s before looking into the back catalogue he created as part of Supergrass. Either way, the most important thing is that all of his material is consistently credible, well written and special, which of course peaks excitement for catching him live.

The gig was held at The Engine shed in Lincoln, in their smaller room known as the Platform and is used specifically for more intimate events, and was the perfect setting for what Coombes was bringing to the table. Supported by the extremely fun and endlessly talented Piney Gir, the room and its audience were warmed up well as we got to experience the surreal and unique sound of this great American talent.

Coming up next… the main event…


Gaz Coombes took the stage, bringing behind him a presence and aura befitting a legend of the music business, but oddly enough you could feel how down to earth he was and how vulnerable he appeared on stage, alone, no band, in front of a packed room. He addressed the crowd and asked how we all were on multiple occasions before hurtling into one of his spellbinding, beautiful masterpieces. I don’t say that lightly either, they can only be refered to as masterpieces as each track was delivered with a tenderness and beauty that I’ve only few times witnessed before, yet his unique vocals have this aggressive but clear tone that I can’t compare to anyone. At a push he reminds me a lot of Tallest Man On Earth (if you haven’t heard him, go and do yourself a favour).

The set shot by and he had my attention at every turn, before he went off for a short time and eventually returned for an encore of which he played ‘Caught By The Fuzz’ to a huge reaction from the audience. All in all, what a show. The sound was fantastic and the atmosphere in the room enhanced the experience greatly. A perfect Friday night. If you get a chance to catch Gaz Coombes on the rest of his tour, DO IT!

featured image photo credited to Emily Nichol (cheers mate)


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