I’m going to keep this one short and sweet, and I’d like to think you all know that I hate ever trying to ram something down your throat like I’m one of these social media influencers, BUT, it has to be said, I’ve been keeping it too quiet for too long and now the time has come to shout it from the mountain tops and let everybody that is reading this right now know… I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’D DO WITHOUT MY FITBIT!

Honestly, I know that sounds weird but here comes the hard sell on this and not for any sponsorship deal or capital payoff but just because I’ve found it so personally life changing. Now, I’m aware that I’m obsessed with statistics, targets, goals and numbers (anybody who remembers me running Facebook event promotions will attest to that) but it really is the most wonderful way of pushing yourself, every single day, towards your own personal fitness or health goals.


I first started wearing one at the start of last December when I was bought one for my birthday by my dear old mum, god love her, and it hasn’t left my wrist for any reason since then except charging or showering. After all this time, the novelty has far from worn off and has in fact grown as I push my own limits further and further and see obvious physical change, whether that be towards weight, stamina or general health. It’s not been easy but then again I wasn’t the most prime candidate for such an evolution as only two years ago I was still smoking twenty a day and drinking far too much. But with the help of my Fitbit I’ve seen a loss in weight of about a stone and a half. I’ve seen my resting heart beat drop from a very reasonable early 70’s to a fit as a fiddle mid to late 50’s. My cardio fitness score is currently 54 which is bordering excellent for a man of my, undisclosed, age. All of it I attribute to the hard work put in attaining goals that are constantly being pushed on me by the item on my wrist. I log my water intake and have managed to habitually destroy my targets every day, whilst also completely restructuring my eating habits. I can log my calorie intake against the amount I’ve burnt off that day to make sure biology is doing its thing properly. It’s pushed me into taking up hobbies like running and cycling, both of which can be tracked and the entire workout broken down piece by piece and, along with everything else, can be analysed on the easy to use app.


I’ve spread the word to friends and told them the benefits, only to see them then go forth and smash the hell out of all their expectations. Which brings me to my next point, the community aspect of it. Just like anything these days you can add friends and become part of a small group, competing to rank the top of the table as far as your weekly and daily step averages are considered. It’s a lot of fun… when you’re winning. When I’m not I get angry and start pacing the house trying to beat them, but that might be another story.

Anyway, the point being, as far as revolutionary inventions and advancements in technology I put the Fitbit, or smart watch of any brand or model depending on what suits you the most, up there with some of the best. Have a think about. Have you always wanted to make that physical change but don;t know where to start? Just look down at your wrist and you’ll have all the answers.


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