So this isn’t even necessarily a food critique or a restaurant review, it’s more of a recommendation. A suggestion if you will. In fact it’s a blatant, unpaid advertisement for a local Lincoln business that has impressed me from afar and now won me over entirely since getting a chance to drop in and try what they have to offer.

If you’re local to Lincoln like me, you may have heard the name Curry Jacks, perhaps you’ve seen their page on Facebook or had a friend mention them. I came across them as soon as they opened when I heard mention of them on social media and liked the look of their branding and the idea of a new curry house in Lincoln. I’ve ben going to Bombay on Steep hill for years and Saxilby Spice is great and all but can you ever have enough good Indian cuisine? However, despite liking their Facebook page I never got the chance to go and find them. As more and more time passed I found myself further impressed and even more intrigued as claims of locally sourced produce, fresh ingredients and a consistent eye on community, ecology, environment, charity and maintenance of that personal touch were visible on their social media presentations. The ever-changing but simple and unique menu was enticing and the time had come to go and find this hidden treasure.


What I didn’t realise was that it wasn’t a restaurant at all really, in fact its more of a pop up stall, situated in the heart of our city centre inside the market. Immediately upon arriving we were greeted by the friendly staff and notified that there wasn’t much left as they’d had a hell of a busy day. Normally this would be disheartening and disappointing news but to see a business like this, so homegrown, independent and in our old market building, this just came as great news. They had Lamb Korma and rice left, so we went for that. The entire time we were there we chatted, about food, about Lincoln, about business and we had a great time finding out more about the place. All of the above claims were entirely true also. The food was fantastic and you could taste the fresh ingredients and the carefully crafted recipe for the sauce. The cutlery and napkins were all biodegradable and you could see how precise they’d been in all their decisions. After half an hour of chatting and eating we said goodbye and assured them we’d be back soon to try some of their vegan food, of which they permanently serve at least one dish.

Only yesterday Curry Jacks presented their new van which will still reside outside the market place but will help to spread the word and bring their food to the streets. Not only that but they’ll be holding their monthly curry night at Coffee Aroma, and we happen to know they’ll be serving a variety of Moroccan tagines. If you haven’t tried these guys out yet, go and do it. You’ll be supporting business with a heart, with ethics and a passion not only for food but the people they’re serving it to. Curry Jacks, you’ve certainly got a friend for life over here.


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