It’s a rather strange view to project over the format of which I’m talking about, but it may even prove the point. Back at the start of the year, I folded our longstanding music publication,, to go on to other things and take some time out from the pressures of running a brand and various monthly events. After a short time however I began to get itchy, and as an extremely opinionated person, with plenty of passion and a love for writing I decided to open business back up and write about other things. I’d cover ecology, music, current affairs and personal opinions, politics and culture as well as lifestyle, health and all that other stuff. But now I’ve been “Thinking Green” for a good few months, I realise that I haven’t shared one personal opinion. Not one mention of politics, culture, social justice or injustice. Not once.


Because I’m just not that confrontational and unfortunately in this climate of constant connection and extreme division, sharing an opinion, thought or even just mild musing may result in an all out attack from a random stranger who feels extremely different. I remember only last year getting mauled by Jedward fans because I claimed they were crap (and they are) and being forced to love and appreciate them by hoards of violent and obsessive fans, but that’s just fluffy entertainment (if you can call Jedward that) nonsense. When it comes to real issues, contentious points that may be received differently or even perceived alternatively, it opens up a dangerous minefield that I’ve decided I’m just not going to walk on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I hold a bunch of controversial views, but what is controversial to one nowadays is fuel for the fire over at another camp. The world appears to be divided down the middle in either left and right, or old and young and both appear as extreme as the other.

Personally, I never had any political leanings or even interest. Any friends of mine will attest to this, but I always found it insane that a person can faithfully devote their ideology to a party, rather than individually to policies and actions. I still do. I still also feel the same way politically and it’s actually easier to now as the two sides at their most extreme seem to have become giant caricatures that don’t apply to anybody willing to seek sense and logical thinking, and an argument is always the best way to go… apparently.

So, this is a non-article really, it’s just me saying hello, and explaining the lack of hard-hitting content, not that I owe an explanation or anything, but I did also wonder whether anyone else does the same. Are you a blogger that fears to write what they want to write? Are you altering your pieces for an easy life? Do you have any thoughts on this subject? Are you a Jedward fan?

Of course you’re not… nobody is



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