It’s been a little while since I’ve sat down to write as I’ve been away in Portugal getting sun burnt and enjoying a few pints of Super Bock. However now I’m home, I can indulge in some real ales and get back to exploring the world of craft ale. Now anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my craft ales, but I’d like to imagine those same people would testify to the fact I’m not a beer snob. I don’t care about the politics of particular breweries or even too much about what glass is best for which Porter etc etc. What I do care about is the flavours. I care about lovingly crafted ale, made with precision and expertise. I enjoy forward thinking distribution, an eye on keeping carbon footprints low and of course, because who doesn’t, interesting artwork on the front of the can. In 2018 it’s easy to find all of the above, as long as you’re looking. Most outlets sell craft ale now, and plenty of pubs and bars will stock something up your street. But it doesn’t get any easier or more convenient than Flavourly.


I was first introduced to Flavourly by my best mate Adam, when he signed me up to a three-month subscription as a birthday present (did I mention he was my best mate) and what a surprise it was when a box full of carefully selected beers, stouts and IPA’s landed on my doorstep, ready to enjoy at my own leisure. As you can imagine, the next two deliveries were much-anticipated, and despite Alice’s complaints that the fridge was permanently full of ale, I was discovering some truly amazing breweries and independent companies that were pouring every bit of love and genius into their products. I’ve been lucky enough to stumble across some of my now favourite beers by breweries like Tiny Rebel, Crazy Mountain, Stewart Brewing and Brewgooder. What’s even better is the value. Following my initial three month subscription I couldn’t keep away and have come across some undeniable deals that have soon filled our fridge up again.

I’ve tried boxes from other companies like Honestbrew and even Beavertown and they’re all great and a lot of fun, but none have come close so far to Flavourly. The deals are incredible, the selections are fantastic and what’s better is that Flavourly even have their own selection of ales. including a tropical IPA called Flamingo Juice and a chocolate marshmallow porter called Pillow Fight. Both are absolutely beautiful.

For fans of good beer and exciting flavours, Flavourly is well worth a go, and as their community continues to expand, things are looking up even more for this fantastic company, so get on board…. Drink Different


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