It’s never nice to write pieces like this, but when the feeling of utmost respect, gratitude and heartfelt loss crop up, writing down some thoughts and feelings just seems to be the natural thing to do. No more than now as today saw the loss of one of the true greats of soul music. The Queen of soul, Aretha Franklin, who passed away today at 76 years old has left an indelible mark on not only the music world, but the world as we all know it today.

It’s always easy to romanticise the ones we’ve lost, whether in the public eye or on a personal level, but in this instance, there’s no romanticism required. Aretha Franklin will be remembered as one of the most important figures in soul music history, and although the media need to throw in daft adjectives and monikers, like diva or soulstress, the words that will truly define Aretha will be icon, pioneer and legend.

As time continues to go by we are unfortunately forced to say goodbye to more of the innovators of the music universe, whether it be a creative enigma like David Bowie, a hard living metal icon like Lemmy Kilmister, the man who gave birth to rock n roll in Chuck Berry, or the lady that showed soul what soul was all about in Aretha Franklin. I implore you all to pull out your records tonight and throw on some music that moves you and ignites your passion and makes you want to move and remember that without people like the aforementioned four, things may never have been this way.


Thankyou, Aretha Franklin…


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