With the bank holiday weekend looming, and festivals popping off all over the country, we’re looking at one in particular. One that’s very special, still somewhat in its infancy, but one that ticks all the boxes for an incredible bank holiday music festival experience. Here we’ll take a look at a few of the things you have to look forward to, can not miss and will find this year at Lost Village festival

Amazing Food

From the UK’s finest street food to a Tribal Banquet, right upto a variety of carefully selected menus by top names, Lost Village isn’t the sort of festival where you need much luggage space for snacks. With a wide array on offer and all of it at the highest possible standard, you’d be insane to not get around as much of as possible and sample them all. With four days to do it, there’s certainly no excuses…

The Village

Unlike most festivals, Lost Village is a world unto itself, and every attempt is made to have you transported into another world as soon as you walk through the entrance. With performers circulating constantly, incredible attention to detail and an aesthetic presentation that you can hardly fathom, it’s a world you’ll never want to leave. The site is wide and every stage has its own story, idea and look so there’s plenty of opportunity to get lost.


The Music

It wouldn’t be much of a music festival without music now would it, BUT, Lost Village has always been proud to explore the genres and provide a lineup fit for everybody to enjoy. From the most passionate house music fan, to the indie kid and beyond, there’s always been something for everyone and this years lineup has gone above and beyond. With headliners such Friendly Fires, Fourtet and Everything Everything and returns from Village regulars like Mr Scruff, Craig Charles and The House Of Good, the sounds in woods are something to look forward to. As someone who’s played at the last two Lost Village festivals, I can tell you first hand that something about this place brings you to life and makes you work your hardest, and I don’t expect any of this years performers will be any different.


Something New

As mentioned previously, the festival is still somewhat in its infancy, at only four years old and with something so special being still so new, it’s a fantastic enterprise to get behind and watch it grow. The past few years have been incredible and left everyone involved whether on stage or off, backstage or otherwise, extremely proud. Your chance to be a part of history is right here and waiting for you.

The Variety

It’s almost unfair to call Lost Village a music festival as it has so much more going on and in equal measure. The lineup for performers is stacked as we stated earlier, but that’s all before you even get to the comedy in the Lost Theatre. Huge names like Tiffany Stevenson, Russell Kane and Joel Dommett will all be on stage over the coming weekend. Plus there’s the Institute of Curious Minds, the Circus of Astonishment, various workshops, The Botanical Greenhouse, yoga, hot tubs, a breathtaking fireworks display, massage therapy and loads loads more. It’s far too much to list so just go find it for yourself.


The festival has been sold out for some time now and its easy to see why. If you are one of the lucky people to have picked up a ticket, have a great time and get yourself well immersed in the alternate universe that is Lost Village Festival 2018


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