You’ll likely remember an article I wrote previously, which was a plea for help from the local community to use your amenities and facilities in an effort to provide help towards revitalising your own local economy (if not, here it is) especially independent business’ and the large retail stores around your city. The retail industry and the high street as we know it has been taking a hit due to national franchises, online shopping and convenience, and this had one hell of a negative impact, as business rates and rent costs are too high for high street stores, bars and restaurants to remain open when business is so inconsistent and lacking. Lincoln is the example I’ve used previously, as that’s the closest city to me and it’s been shocking to see how many retail units, business’ and buildings are being vacated and left empty, leaving entire sections of Lincoln’s city centre empty and desolate.

Now, this problem is of course national, and who knows how the rest of the country is progressing, but Lincoln is on the rise and making a come back. Since the piece I mentioned above was written, the problem did get worse, and worse, and all faith in Lincoln as a city was about lost. But, as if out of nowhere, an uprising appears to have taken place and many of these inner city vacancies have been filled. House of Fraser has been saved, Cote Brasserie was replaced by Craft, the long empty Status has just been opened as Swampy Johns American show bar. The list goes on. A slew of brand new names and places to discover have arrived in Lincoln, but the reason for us being here, is one in particular. Introducing Kine…


Kine has opened up at 6 West Parade, in place of The Optimist wine bar, which relocated earlier this year as The pessimist. It was previously The Bronze Pig and Taste of Italy so the location does have a bit of a lucky streak. On their Facebook page they describe the restaurant by writing “Kine is a laid back restaurant and bar serving fresh local produce with a side helping of great drinks” and I have to admit, after our first experience their, I couldn’t agree more. After booking over the phone on Friday morning with extremely helpful and friendly staff, we made our first trip to Kine and was instantly welcomed into a warm atmosphere, neatly and effectively decorated and it was already bustling and full of customers. We were shown to our table and greeted by a simple and small menu, stating early on that this was all quality and less quantity. Just the way it should be. The staffs attentiveness and friendliness was consistent throughout and as well as a small but very interesting food menu, their selection of wines and ales was admirable. I chose Hammerton’s N1 session pale and we were on our way.


Starting with Arancini and then heading for the fried chicken sandwich, accompanied by fries and coleslaw. Simple, but perfect. There were two other burgers on the menu, of which I want to go back and try both, but it was noted that the vegetarians are catered for, so don’t be fooled by the name of the place.

The service was great, the food was on point and the waiting times very reasonable for a busy Friday night. Kine has opened up and started on the right foot, and I hope they continue to provide great service and consistently terrific food. I’ll be back again soon, guaranteed. Lincoln’s looking up, and its an absolute pleasure to see.


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