So its been around a week since the unexpected unveiling of the latest musical offering by the undisputed kings of modern heavy metal, Slipknot. The most iconic metal band of our time has returned and its straight back to business for the Iowa legends.

It’s been a few years since Slipknot have released new music, and in that time, front man Corey Taylor has been concentrating on his other band, Stone Sour, and their latest album ‘Hydrograd‘ but as if out of nowhere, Slipknot have resurfaced, re-masked and thrown a brand new track at us in the form of ‘All Out Life’.

A new album isn’t expected until the summer of 2019, but this reintroduction is a welcome, early treat. ‘All Out Life’ certainly upholds the traditional Slipknot algorithm for new music as they’ve hit hard with a heavy and fast tempo track, featuring the brutal growls as well as the hypnotic melodies of Corey Taylor. Not only does it stand up musically but the visual presentation is just as substantial, with a dark and violent music video to accompany the single. The look of the band, just as it always has done when a new album is on the horizon, has changed entirely and although there’s no confirmation that this is the bands chosen look for the forseeable future, including their 2019 live shows and tour, it appears to be more uniform, leaving very subtle differences between the musicians in the band. It’s difficult from this one video to distinguish exactly who is who, except of course Shawn Crahan who is clearly the more clown shaped of the bunch. Shawn is also credited with directing the music video, making it easier to encapsulate that traditional yet permanently evolving style that Slipknot has held for twenty years.

Of course, the music video is secondary and the track is what we’re really looking at here, and it does not disappoint. It’s Slipknot at their finest, keying in all those elements we know and love them for but whilst spreading on a layer of something new. It sounds more similar to their first album than anything they’ve done since mainly due to the fast paced, semi rapping style of the earlier verses. But it’s a song of two halves as we break halfway and reprise with a rally cry akin to a political rally of which we’ve seen many over the last few years. It’s like a dark call to arms for everyone that’s pissed off and had enough. But in the constant never-ending endeavour to evolve and transcend the death metal sub culture, Slipknot appear like they’ve come full circle, encapsulating all that they’ve done previously and using it to create something incredible. This new album, their sixth, could well be the most exciting yet, and I can’t wait to hear more.


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