We’re now only days removed from the second ever 2Q festival in Lincoln and what an amazing day it was. Delivering on all fronts, 2Q brought Lincoln to life and filled the city centre with enthusiastic music lovers and concert goers for a nine venue day of exploration and adventure. It was hard to judge which bands you had to see as we were all spoilt rotten with choice, but with each name being a winner, there was no losing out and I can honestly say myself that I came away with some new favourite bands.

However, the reason we’re here is to talk about, in my opinion, the best band from the weekend and that being, London based alt-psych five piece Club Kuru.


One of the coolest things 2Q festivals organisers do for us is to publish a Spotify playlist featuring all the acts from the upcoming festival. This gives you plenty of time to discover new music and plan to see the musician, band or artist live when the day arrives. In using this facility I immediately was drawn to the dreamy sounds of Club Kuru, and made it my aim to catch them live. Think Tame Impala, think Temples, that sort of sound. Their smooth musicianship and clear talent for songwriting had them standing head and shoulders above anyone else I’d seen, and this was all at 2pm at the festivals largest venue. The crowd was sparse due to the early time slot, but leaning on the front barrier, with the band only metres away I looked round at equally excited music fans. We’d found the one. We’d found that band that could make it anywhere, that could develop a following or a scene that will raise them to the lofty heights my previous comparisons have been enjoying for years. I’m still to dig more into the world of Club Kuru but I’m already excited about doing so.

More importantly, let this serve as a reminder. Always take a chance on music. Always look to discover what you don’t already know. Go and see that band that sounded good. Pick up that album purely based on its cover or because you had a gut feeling. Music is forever a journey to take yourself on, so go ahead and do it.

You can find more out about these guys by heading to their Facebook page or their Souncloud profile.



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